"Thinking to get at once all the gold the goose could give,
he killed it and opened it only to find - nothing."
(c. 550 B.C.) legendary Greek fabulist
The Goose with the Golden Eggs
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Reader comments about this quote:
This exemplifies why international banking and their corporate followship can't kill the goose (debt ridden society). It takes time to produce the egg of wealth and when the egg reaches maturity is when they steal the egg through economic "crises" that vary in degree of effect. The worse the crisis the more wealth (i.e. produce of labor) stolen at the time. If allowed, or by loss of control over the economic system of debt money, to go bankrupt it would be the equivalent to the death of the goose.
 -- Anon     
     -- Mike, Norwalk      
     -- jim k, Anon nailed it.      
    The desire for immediate gratification ie greed is much of the problem with American society.
     -- Waffler, Smith, Arkansas     
    Currently, the golden goose is the Federal Reserve's unlimited credit line to Congress. After the 2 trillion dollars of deficit spending in the last year alone (i.e. printing money out of nowhere and paying interest on it to the Fed), I believe we will see again that the goose is but a con, and the People's property stolen yet again in the belief that such a thing as a golden goose even exists at all. Yes, greed is a societal problem -- that is the primary reason never to give ANYONE in government enough power to steal billions with no accountability -- the temptation is too great. Power corrupts, and an unlimited credit line is unlimited power (as long as the People keep quiet and keep paying tribute to the Fed).
     -- E Archer, NYC     
     -- A.WOODS, Gloucester      
    Love it! I just wish it was true on Wall Street. Archer, didn't you know, that is called Fractional Banking System (that is able to leverage debt). Brought about when the fed came into existence. Mike I did reply to you response to my post last Friday.
     -- RBESRQ     
    Our goose is cooked.
     -- Bryan Morton, Stuart, Florida     
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