"That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom,
and that government of the people, by the people,
for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
Abraham Lincoln
(1809-1865) 16th US President
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Reader comments about this quote:
Love it, hope that as a nation we cling to that axiom; perhaps the ACLU can find a way to honor history as well?
 -- CB, Eastern PA (U.S.A.)     
    The essence of democracy and freedom
     -- Pat Moloney, Liverpool     
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is considerable debate about the insertion of the words "under God" as both of Lincolns handwritten drafts do NOT contain these words. These words were heard supposedly acording to eyewitness accounts only! And we all know how reliable those can be... So to all the Evangelicals gleaming with orgasmic joy when they talk of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: You ought to take it with a grain of salt.
     -- Andy, Portland, OR     
    Well done Andy + if only the last two points were true...
     -- Robert, Sarasota     
    Pretty good quotes except that Lincoln was one of the most evil presidents we ever had. Have you read "Freeing Slaves: Enslaving Free Men" or " When in the Course of Human Events" Marilyn, Columbus NM
     -- Anonymous     
    This quote leaves out just exactly Lincoln was willing to do "that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, etc." He was willing to unilaterally instigate and fight the War Between the States, which killed more Americans than any other war. He was willing to shut down newspapers that opposed him, to throw people who opposed him into jail without granting the writ of habeas corpus, to conscript many Americans to fight what was a fairly unpopular war, and to put a virtual end to state's rights. For being devoted to "a new birth of freedom" he sure destroyed a lot of our most basic rights. For being devoted to "the people" he sure killed a lot of them. It's also worth noting that the Confederate were not trying to destroy "that government [supposedly] of the people, etc." they were just trying to make sure that their own country didn't get conquered, and their own freedom destroyed.
     -- Johnson, Gainesville, FL     
    Lincoln did not, nor would have put "under God" into the Gettysburg address. It was added to both his handwritten drafts, and and all consequent versions, only after his death. Lincoln was widely accepted to be vehemently opposed to organized religion, in particularly Christianity. He viewed them to be the evil in mankind couched in false piety, and the root cause of slavery.
     -- D.K., Charleston,WV     
    Are the comments that are negative from people who are politically liberal?
     -- DH, Mpls, MN     
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