Quote from Bob Schultz 

"Do we still recognize [the Constitution of the United States of America]
as the basis of our system of government in America, or not?
Do we still have a constitution that guarantees our unalienable rights
as the sovereign citizens of a great and free nation, or not?
Do we have a federal government and state governments that honor and
defend the fundamental principles of equal justice, due process or law,
the right to life, liberty, and property - the principles that represent
the very foundation of our constitutional form of government, or not?
We the People have a right to know the truth.
We have a right to know if we still have a Constitution."

Quote by:
Bob Schultz
Founder of 'We The People Congress'
Citizens' Truth -in-Taxation Hearing, Washington D.C. 2/27-28/02 - 'New York Times' 2/10/02
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