"I'm tired of hearing it said that democracy doesn't work.
Of course it doesn't work. We are supposed to work it."
Alexander Woollcott
(1887-1943) American critic, commentator for The New Yorker magazine, member of the Algonquin Round Table, actor, playwright, radio personality
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Reader comments about this quote:
Since political democracy is RULE BY MAJORITY, it leads only to the tyranny of the majority. Democracy is the bloodgeoning of the people, by the people, for the people. Democracy is the wrong form of government. The best form of government is a republic. A republic is RULE BY LAW. Only a republic can guarantee individual liberty. Democracy will destroy it.
 -- Cameron Fast, Cottam, Ontario     
    Congress has certainly "worked it" and ignores the law, specifically the Constitution! What else explains infringements such as the Brady Bill or the Assault Weapons Ban?
     -- Joel, Rochester, MI     
    And look what happens when Americans keep re-electing the likes of Clinton and 'Baby' Bush to office? A lack of responsibility (in this case work) leads to irresponsible 'leaders!'
     -- George, Ohio     
    I think it's sad that a Canadian who has learned so much as to be able to type can be so ignorant as to think a republicanism and democracy are mutually exclusive. I think it's sad that Joel of Rochester, Michigan, and George of Ohio so completely miss the point of the quote. The quote is an aphorism, a concise and witty observation that conveys the essential point that for democracy to succeed (be it in a republic or otherwise) it must be tended to by the general population. Like all good aphorisms, it is obvious once stated.
     -- Paul, San Antonio     
    Some commentary misses the point, e.g., Mr. Fast (Ontario). I agree with "Paul" (San Antonio).
     -- Joan, New Jersey     
    bourgeois democracy is terror. the interest of the class that occupies production (the class that is powerful) is to maintain occupation, and if the means of doing this is mystifying classed reality, hopes of democracy will be that that inspires those who wish for freedom, and they shall mean servitude, and those who wish for peace shall mean conquest. the passion may be false, and against you, and you will not know, for you are virtually contained by american ideology. the ups and downs are accounted for by ideology. every television channel can assuage the concerns that arise when examining democracy. one does not think only of television. without all you have been taught in the politicization, you cannot even think of this that is called rule by the people and rule for the people. one seems to hope for rule, to be ruled by the american dream. one seems to believe in an american "people". but we are fragmented, and forcibly working against our own interests. the american people is a myth then, or at least the people is only purposable as workers. we heave our congealed sweat, and then ourselves, down into dark pits, to disappear from there, and those that effectively resist are hastily pushed down. we are supposed to work it, yes, for we are determined workers, and we can work it until we die within democracy if we please.
     -- sitsv, Atlanta     
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