"This is precisely the purpose of censorship – not only to block unwanted views, but to keep people who are unhappy from knowing how many millions of others share their unhappiness; to keep the dormant opposition from awakening to its own developing strength."
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Wow, there are so many examples of this throughout American history...The Sedition Act right through to the more recent Tea Parties that never seem to make the news even though they are significant events. Audit The Fed...Gun Rights...Opposition to Communist Health Care...The media seems to have quiety imposed a ban on dissenting opinions. Unless of course they are promoting ideas that are leading to global government.
 -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    This is exactly why liberals would like to shut down conservative talk radio. Mustn't disagree with Obama, Pelosi, Reed, and the gang.
     -- jim k, Austin     
    LOL, amazing how conservatives think that turn-outs of single digits of folks are "significant events"... as well as how good they are at closing their eyes to the facts that these events are being reported upon... reported upon with truth and light rather than the lies and exaggerations that those "conservatives" seem to so desire. Yes, this quote is a good one, just because of how conservatives use their "liberal media" (i.e. Fox)... "Fair & Balanced" only for those with close minds and eyes!
     -- Anonymous, Reston, VA, US     
    Rush Limbaugh thinks if he says it over enough times he can convince all his listeners that he is right. Repetition and distortion by the Oh So Right "Conservatives" unfortunately gets repeated by the news media giving it more punch. Ever wonder why so much discussion about what Limbaugh or Robertson says on the major networks on TV. Although they seem to contest the content, they appear to purposefully repeat it every half hour to make sure everyone has heard it. They give it more strength by giving more press to the statement. I can see through it and wonder how many more people do. They sure aren't repeating what the left "Liberals" are saying nor even giving it much press if any. Elliot Spitzer's Editorial to the Washington Post just before he resigned in disgrace held a strong message for the public about predatory lending and the part the Bush Administration played in preventing enforcement of laws to stop it, but it did not get repeated, nor reprinted even though I asked our paper, The Albuquerque Jornal to reprint it. It is actually not so easy to find now when Google is used. Censorship is happening so many different ways, jailing dissidents who demonstrate at political meetings, maintaining lists of citizens who do not agree with illegal wars", "loss of privacy" through the Patriot Act, "public option health care for all who want it" etc. Corporate welfare is not disputed by the "Conservatives" but the "Liberals" find it just as unconstitutional as the Righties find Public Option unconstitutional. Mind you, it is the Conservatives who have the money to throw at the issues to print or not print. They own the media. Isn't money contributing to censorship since you don't hear from the other side. Keeping candidates from Presidential debates because they are not one of the two controlling parties is censorship. It is my belief that the internet is increasingly controlled so that information about opposing opinions isn't so easy to find through Google as it used to be. Jim, you have to admit that the conservatives control the information and present mostly one view, except for excellent journalism as on Democracy Now, and Link TV.
     -- Judith, Corrales     
    The purpose of the fascist right especially after today, the day America lost its soul, is to have as many intelligentsia leave the US as possible - a bit like what the Romans did to the Celts but they killed them.
     -- RBESRQ     
    Welcome to Amerika's 4th branch of government - the tabloid media complex
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Yes, networks like ABC, NBC, SeeBS, MSNBC, CNN; magazines like Time, Newsweak, and on and on ad nauseum are all right wing propaganda machines of the right wing fascists. Of course that's why Ed Shultz said he would vote ten times if he could to keep a Republican from winning "Ted's seat". That's why Chris Matthews wets himself every time somebody disagrees with an Obama policy. Let's face it folks: what we have is one fascist party with a left and a right wing. Both sides are corporatist/welfare statists in the style of Mussolini and FDR. Both are corrupt, and both are controlled by the "intelligentsia". Intelligentsia...isn't that another word for arrogant SOB? As for me, I'd rather have a congress full of bakers, farmers, loggers, and fishermen that lawyers, academics, bankers, and career bureaucrats. At least they've lived in the real world.
     -- Ken, Allyn, WA     
    Thank you, Judith and Reston. And, Ken, yes we do have a fascist government and media but there is a vast difference in the rightists (fascists) and real liberals. You can get some real truth from sites like Truthout, MoveOn, CommonDreams, Peace'Action and others on the web. And be aware that fascists will be doing everything they can do to destroy the internet.
     -- D, Fort Worth     
    Good stuff Judith. And yes Rush L. is the pits, truly the pits. Intelligensia Ken is anybody with enough sense not to listen to him and his BS.
     -- Waffler, Smith     
    I think it is hilarious that those with party affiliations always see the wrong-doings of the other party but conveniently ignore their own party's abuses. Kill your TV before it turns your brain to mush. One of the best ways to discover truth is to abstain from listening to corporate media. That way, you won't be conditioned to well-planned propaganda and the truth will make more sense. 'Viewers' are merely being distracted while the pick pockets rob you blind. Abstain from corporate media broadcasting for 6 months and the next time you tune in you won't believe a word. They don't call it 'programming' for nothing.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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