"Decriminalization would take the profit out of drugs and greatly reduce,
if not eliminate, the drug-related violence that is currently plaguing our streets."
Kurt L. Schmoke
(1949-) Baltimore Mayor
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Reader comments about this quote:
When the prohibition of alcohol ended, the murder rate in the US dropped by half. Legalization of Marijuana would greatly lower the number of people in prison, who are not really dangerous anyway...as well as greatly reduce the violence in Northern Mexico.
 -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    Has anyone heard how the bill sponsered by Ron Paul & Barney Fag is doing? This bill is necessary and turns all drug laws over to the states. It is the right thing to do.
     -- cal, lewisville, tx     
    I think that cal has some real issues that make him uncomfortable accepting other people's private sexual orientation... too bad his/her parents did such a bad job raising their child, who still exhibits child like behavior.
     -- Anonymous, Reston, VA, US     
    Reston...if only people actually kept their perversions..."private". But they don't. Too bad their parents did such a bad job of raising them... (Still, I don't advocate persecution)
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    The "War On Drugs" has been a war and waste of tax dollars. It has contributed to creating drug cartels, a loss of numerous innocent lives and a huge criminal black market activity that has duplicated what Prohibition once created. The rescinding of the "War On Drugs" would take the illegal profits of out of the Mexican drug cartels and put their illegal activities out of business.
     -- Mary - MI     
    I an absolutely, whole heartedly, for the decriminalization of drugs, but, not exactly for the reasons given above. It would not eliminate related violence or profits. It would reduce some racketeering and related violence, and criminal cartel expansion somewhat. My reasons would have more to do with personal inalienable rights; and, criminals could be tried for crimes at justice, not moral imperative should be or what if.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    I believe the main reasons for drug prohibition are to build up federal power over the states, promote urban crime to justify furthering the police state, protect big pharma monopolies, fund billions in government contracts for prisons, etc., and create a huge black market by which many in government profit as well as crime syndicates that control government authorities. Interesting how government can create 'jobs' by creating criminals with unconstitutional legislation -- if drugs were legalized, half of the nation's "standing army" would be out of a job. Drugs are 'illegal' because of the money it puts in the pockets of politicians and crooks -- it has nothing to do with protecting people from drug crazed zombies which is hardly a real problem compared to the gangs and war that prohibition supports. But just consider that because of drug prohibition, ALL of us are now subject to warrantless search and seizure, with no privacy rights, no property rights, and no right to tell the 'authorities' to back off and mind your own business. Rapists and murderers have more rights than someone caught with a pot seed!!
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    If a majority of us believe in decriminalization why are the drug laws still what they are?
     -- L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada     
    There's USE and there's ABUSE and we should only be concerned with ABUSE and abuse should only ever be addressed in the context of a disease.

    Any other stance with respect to drugs ends up being a money-making proposition for one or another parties - usually the government and to some extent the underground sphere of producers/distributors.

    Are we hypocritical much?
     -- anonymous     
    J Carlton: being gay is NOT a perversion as you imply. Too bad your parents did such a poor job of raising you.
     -- anonymous     
    Drug use would be a person's own personal business if we get rid of federal Medicaid. No one's personal habits should ever cost someone else.
     -- cal, Lewisville, Tx     
    The "unintended consequences" of anti drug laws are many.

    Our experience with prohibition is a perfect example.

    Drug enforcement is an oxymoron.
     -- bruski, naples FL     
    With our current drug policy:
    Street drugs are readily available.
    Drug lords have gotten rich, powerful, and deadly.
    We need to pay for more prisons, guards, judges, attorneys, court houses, etc.
    People rob and burglarize us to pay for the expensive street drugs.
    Citizens who earn the displeasure of politicians can be selectively prosecuted.
    With such a successful plan, why would nut cases suggest we change it to one like we use with another drug--alcohol?
     -- Durham, Birmingham, AL     
    Anonymous, homosexuality is not a perversion? It is unnatural and a self-destructive behavior. Homosexual activists using "after the ball" psychological and emotional manipulation (propaganda) to forward the lie that the behavior is somehow an identity, that's why they co-opted the word "gay" God forbid we actually discuss what exactly homosexuals do to each other I believe most decent people would understand that it is as perverted as an older man sodomizing a young boy after all it's his thing right? How can homosexuals criticize pedophile perverts without exposing themselves as hypocrites.

    Research Marshall Kirk's book "After the Ball" discover how the propaganda works and once you understand the plan you will never fall for the scam! That being said what sinning perverts do in privacy is between them and their Creator on judgment day and doesn't concern me but when they bring it into the public square and use the force of government and activist courts to shove their perversion down our throats and require rush to excepted then by God you would be a fool not to expect resistance from good God-fearing people.
    No doubt my opinion motivations will be attributed to hate that too is part of the propaganda, the truth is I pity these people and pray for them because they are caught in Satan's snare. Many leave the lifestyle but we never hear about them because that is politically incorrect and exposes the identity lie.

    As to the quote? Five stars for it.
     -- Mike, Pleasant Hill     
    The deleterious 'War on Drugs' has created nothing but chaotic criminal enterprises with drug crimes running rampant in the streets of America and at our Mexican borders.
    Decriminalizing will take the underground Black Market profit out of drugs and end the murders and mayhem brought about and due to the ill conceived 'War on Drugs.'
     -- Mary - MI     
    Check out Leap.cc, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.
     -- jim k, Austin     
    Decriminalization means the drug(s) will be the equivalent of money: criminals will consider it something to steal -- and we can't very well decriminalize theft !
     -- Bob Leavitt, Charlotte, VT     
    anonymous, Reston-Sorry to have put down your personal lifestyle
     -- cal, lewisville, tx     
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