"Freedom of communication means, clearly and unquestionably, freedom to speak, debate, and write in privacy; to share confidence with intimates and confidants, and to prepare positions in groups and institutions for presentation to the public at a later point."
Privacy and Freedom, 1967
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 -- Joe, Rochester, MI      
I believe Dr Westin is conveniently, if innocently, misquoting the explicit, but somewhat Constitutionally, limited freedom of speech in order to avoid the more implicit, less limited and God given right to privacy. This is no doubt a function of our courts programming our thoughts in contravention of the words and intent of the Constitution. But misquoting the Constitution is never acceptable.
 -- helorat, Milton     
    A good and true statement. We do enjoy these wonderful freedoms in this country, but, unfortunately, the "...presentation to the public..." has been aborted by the rich and powerful. They not only have control of lawmakers but also of all media. Vox populi is pretty much squelched.
     -- Dick, Fort Worth     
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     -- E Archer, NYC      
    This statement accurately describes the relationship between privacy and freedom. Without the privacy to cultivate ideas that may be against popular opinion, there can not be any true public discourse over any matter. It speaks to how being able to be free to have privacy, in order to develop what becomes matters that are deemed important enough to be political discourse will be how any country is able to avoid violent confrontation over belief in ideas.
     -- Eddy, San Francisco     
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