"Nearly every day on the television set
the hero cop breaks into the bad guy’s house
and beats a confession out of him and we cheer on the cop.
Propaganda smears our clear vision.
It causes us to accept the diminishment of our
constitutional protections as something to be lauded --
after all, the cop was protecting us."
Gerry Spence
Lawyer and author
Give Me Liberty, 1998
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Reader comments about this quote:
The Patriot Act smears our Constitutional protections, yet people somehow FEEL safer. Socialist disregard of our Constitutional guarantees will never MAKE us safer. No more career politicians chipping at the pillars of our constitution. Remove their power and vote against incumbent politicians.
 -- Joe, Rochester, MI     
    Rodney King was not a racial event, it was just another fulfillment of a preferred police practice. I have personally witnessed unprovoked police brutality, from coast to coast, that would make Papa Doc proud. Gerry Spence's statement is here beyond 5 stars accurate and would take more than this medium to even scratch the surface of how the four branches of government (the liberal/lazy media propaganda machine, being the non-certified fourth branch) are leading the rabble to a society of un-constitutional violent destruction.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    While the problem is real, the quote is way off base (can you say "Training Day", etc). More important are the pseudo-comfort moves (such as the (un)Patriot Act) and that so many fall victim to belief that the media (which is lazy) is liberal... people in the US do not have any idea what liberal is even, they have been so brain washed by the radical right and religous right, both of which represent an ultra-conservative, control all around them slant that is destroying both the US as well as any chance for world peace.
     -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US     
    We have become numbed to this fact -- especially through TV. Only those that have experienced it can truly know how bad it is. Non-whites know this more than anyone. The collective is quick to punish those who haven't been scared into following arbitrary orders. People do not realize that they possess all the same rights as a policeman -- we never gave any away to that office.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    This guy only wants the liberty to soak rich people. Good coment, bad source.
     -- Bob, Eugene OR     
     -- Anonymous      
    You tell it as it is, unfortunately people are so brainwashed that they don't know what is wrong or right. They do not know what their rights are or how to enforce them.
     -- alcar7, Belmont, NH     
    Mr. Spence, thanks to you and colleague lawyers, the legal and judicial systems are the primary violaters of the constitutionally protected-guaranteed rights. Moreover, you ignored our (timely) pleas to cease the fraud corruption subjected us under color of law in the politicized courts. See why we named our web site america's courts of injustice-AMERICAN HOLOCAUST at http://users3.ev1.net/~vjg/ and why the bankers, lawyers and judges have not moved pocketed judges to order removal of their names/PICTURES therefrom. Vincent and Sophie Germano
     -- Vincent Germano, Kingwood, TX     
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