"Those of us who believe in the right of any human being to belong to
whatever church he sees fit, and to worship God in his own way, cannot
be accused of prejudice when we do not want to see public education
connected with religious control of the schools, which are paid for by
taxpayers' money."
Eleanor Roosevelt
[Anna Eleanor Roosevelt] (1884-1963) Wife of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- Anonymous      
 -- Logan, Memphis, TN      
yes of course religon must be separated from education; nothing is more likely to foster fundamentalism than segregated education
 -- don dalgleish, london uk     
     -- Anonymous      
    I agree.
     -- me again     
    I gave the quote a thumbs down because those administering public schools are goose step in line with their (national establishment) religions of socialism and atheism. Schools should not be missionary tools for the immoral,closed minded, and those trying to re-write history. On its face, the quote should get a 5 star rating.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Public education = government indoctrination. You get what you pay for. "Religious control" is the key here, not religion itself. Religion is part of the history of civilization -- it cannot be ignored. Yes, teach religion in schools, but teach about ALL religions and let them stand up to the light of reason.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Mike, it seems you are in need of a dictionary. Not every set of beliefs, or lack thereof constitutes a religion. Socialism is a form of government, not a religion. Atheism is a lack of religious belief, which by definition is not, and cannot, be a religion. Labling everything you dislike a religion so as to accuse it of violating church/state separation does not make it so. It's crap and everyone who is not part of the Crusade for Christian Rule knows it. Re schools: Not teaching/indoctrinating students into Christianity does not equal teaching/indoctrinating them into atheism or what have you. That is not the default mode. The bible may not be being preached, but neither is atheism. No one is telling kids that they MUST NOT believe in god. They just aren't teaching them that they HAVE TO believe in god. Not teaching one thing does not mean that its opposite is actively being taught. This is very misguided, illogical, black and white (closed-minded) thinking.
     -- Someone, GA     
    "Yes, teach religion in schools, but teach about ALL religions and let them stand up to the light of reason." Well said, E Archer. That however is the fear of the religious, as religion has a hard time surviving reason. Religion and reason go together about as well as the mythical vampire and daylight.
     -- Someone, GA     
    Keep religion out of schools and politics. Just turn on the radio and and TV to see the hate and intolerance that abounds in theocratic societies.
     -- Robert, Sarasota     
    The theories of evolution should not be taught as truth. They are the dogma of a religious faith believing in a Big Bang deity.
     -- David L Rosenthal     
    I don't know E Archer's religion, I am Christian, we may or may no believe in the same religion but his statement is absolutely accurate, true freedom of religion is when all religions are taught (as would be stated correct by that religion). I've now read more than one dictionary and several court decisions on the subject, my statements and understanding of the term religion stand correct. The governments national establishment of religion moves to eliminate all competing ideas. If anyone believes that no religion being taught is possible they don't understand what religion is; And if anyone believes that anti-Judeo/Christianity isn't being taught as a regular curriculum in today's government schools are either part of the prejudice or have their head in the sand.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Mike, can you give one instance to validate your claim that Christianity is being attacked in schools. How can you believe something with absolutely no proof?
     -- Dick, Fort Worth     
    Hey, Dick. Look over here: http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2006/Jun-17-Sat-2006/news/8014416.html
     -- Anonymous     
    And here: http://www.fayettevillenc.com/article?id=232506 Sampson superintendent backs Christian’s suspension
     -- Anonymous     
    The above tripe shows how important this basic truth is... a study of comparitive religion is one thing (a good thing), indoctrination and claiming that teaching of science and scientific theory is the same as religious indoctrination is quite another.
     -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US     
     -- Digory, Iowa City      
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