"Political censorship is necessarily based on fear of what will happen if those whose work is censored get their way, or if they are effecting in persuading a large number of readers to share their point of view. The nature of political censorship at any given time depends on the censor’s answer to the simple question, “What are you afraid of?”"
Donald Thompson
(1931-2005) British Conservative Party politician, Member of Parliament (MP) (1979-1997)
A Long Time Burning: The History of Literary Censorship in England
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Reader comments about this quote:
That is evident today when we see the left losing their minds with their irrational claims that the conservatives want Grandma and Grandpa to die without health care, and that the Tea Party people are hateful, cold-hearted, and would just as soon see all poor people starve to death. What are the liberals afraid of when the conservatives take over the whole of Congress and the White House? Are their fears based on rational facts? No. Are their fears based on past experience with conservatives? No. Then what is it specifically they are afraid of other than having the gravy train derailed and their free ride ending?
 -- GunnyCee, Durham     
    The socialist government and its media in the US images the quote's censorship in England. In the US, the media's conflicting prejudices (all major networks - communist / progressive VS. fox and a few talking heads - fascists) fear that freedom, liberty, law, inalienable rights and personal sovereignty will raise their head to take away the slave master despots' power, money, and control.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Like when the media completely ignores Ron Paul when he wins debates and polls hands-down. They are afraid, that is for sure, when career journalists from CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and Fox completely ignore Ron Paul -- it is amazing that he is as popular as he is without the support of corporate media. The 'news' is fixed -- what are they afraid of? Mostly that people might stop buying into this horse sh*t and cry out, "The Emperor Has No Clothes!"
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    When we see the firing of whistle blowers and the stifiling of solid scientific evidence; the shoe fits on the right foot as easily as the left: What is the Right afraid of? In Canada the Right is totally terified of inspectors that exposes huge gaps in our food safety programs; scientests that have solid evidence of the damage caused by heavily polluting industries. The Right afraid of the truth getting to the public who will demand more food inspectors; better monitoring of water and air quality and laws put in place to ensure the protection continues.
     -- L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada     
    Government in general is inneffective, wasteful, dishonest and doing its best to lead us all into a one world communist slave planet. They use all kinds of fear tactics and propoganda, not the least of which is the falsely built "global warming" propoganda. Throw in a few false flag terrorist attacks and you have the herd running in the right direction for complete control...it's so obvious it's sickening.
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
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