"l'd like to start a religion. That's where the money is."
L. Ron Hubbard
Founder of Dianetics and the Church of Scientology
to Lloyd Eshbach, in 1949;
quoted by Eshbach in Over My Shoulder
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Reader comments about this quote:
Completely taken out of context. If anyone ever read anything by L. Ron Hubbard, they'd find it difficult (and illogical) to disagree with him.
 -- Anonymous     
    If anyone reads anything about L. Ron Hubbard, they will find it difficult to disagree with this quote, too.
     -- Philadelphia     
    This guy is a total fraud and an evil human being. He's rotting in hell as we speak. Do some research for yourself, find some unbiased sources, and it'll prove what I am saying is right.
     -- Jake, St. Cloud     
    No. This is an unfounded rumor. One individual once claimed L. Ron Hubbard made such a comment during a lecture in 1948. The only two people who could be found who attended that very lecture in 1948 denied that Mr. Hubbard ever made this statement. And Mr. Hubbard himself certainly denied it. Another famous writer from the same era who did make such a statement was George Orwell, who wrote to a friend in 1938 that “there might be a lot of cash in starting a new religion.” His letter was later published as part of a collection of letters which was circulated widely. It seems that Orwell’s comment has been misattributed to Mr. Hubbard. This was recognized by courts in Germany who enjoined those who had attributed such a statement to Mr. Hubbard from repeating it.
     -- Curtis, Eugene, OR     
    scientology is for morons
     -- Anonymous     
    I've never found a source for this quote that adds up to anything. It's kind of like the old story about the showdown between Frank Zappa and Alice Cooper. Everyone can repeat the story but nobody ever saw them have the alleged "contest." Funny truth that puts this all in perspective is that Hubbard made a fortune as a writer of Westerns and Science Fiction but never made ANY money on Scientology.
     -- Anonymous, Livingston, NJ     
    well it is clear that l. ron hubbard did say it. the proof is that he did fund a religion which is based on nothing. scientology doesn't make any sense. the only purpose of the church is to sell book. can someone tell me what does scientology believe in ?
     -- joseph franck, north bergen     
    scientology is complete douche
     -- Anonymous, london brap brap     
    That's a George Orwell quote which was misattributed to L. Ron Hubbard. Yikes. Now I doubt the validity of the rest of the quotes on this site!
     -- Angie, Los Angeles, CA     
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