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Quote from Joe Biden,

"You know all what I’m about to, what I’ve said, and you know what I’ve done, and you know what we’re doing, and you know—I know what you’re doing,"


Joe Biden (more quotes by Joe Biden or books by/about Joe Biden)

[Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. ] US President (2021-), Vice-President (2009-2017), Senator (D-DE) (1972-2009)


President Joe Biden during speech visiting Ironworkers Local 5 to sign an executive order on project labor agreements.


Agenda, Collusion, Conspiracy, Cronyism, Disinformation, Foppery, Government, Graft, Leftism, NWO, Oligarchy, Politics, Progressive, Psycho-politics, Racket, Regulation, Rhetoric, Self-Righteous, Special Interests, Subsidy, Superiority, Union, Nonsense


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