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Quote from Leslie Stephen,

"Till then we shall be content to admit openly, what you (religionists) whisper under your breath or hide in technical jargon, that the ancient secret is a secret still; that man knows nothing of the Infinite and Absolute; and that, knowing nothing, he had better not be dogmatic about his ignorance. And, meanwhile, we will endeavour to be as charitable as possible, and whilst you trumpet forth officially your contempt for our skepticism, we will at least try to believe that you are imposed upon by your own bluster."


Leslie Stephen (more quotes by Leslie Stephen or books by/about Leslie Stephen)

(1832-1904) English author, critic and mountaineer


"An agnostic's Apology", Fortnightly Review, 1876


Religion, Tolerance, Truth, Ignorance, Skepticism, Secrecy, Agnostic


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