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Quote from Judge Thomas A. Wiseman, Jr.,

[T]o deny a defendant of the possibility of jury nullification would be to defeat the central purpose of the jury system.


Judge Thomas A. Wiseman, Jr. (more quotes by Judge Thomas A. Wiseman, Jr. or books by/about Judge Thomas A. Wiseman, Jr.)

(1930-) American jurist, Senior United States District Court Judge for the Middle District of Tennessee


U.S. v. Datcher, 830 F. Supp. 411, 415 (M.D. Tenn., 1993) case dismissed Sept. 1, 1994, 6th Cir. Ct. Of Appeals, Case No. 3:92-00054 certiorari denied U.S. Supreme Court Case No. 94-8767, May 15, 1995.


Consitution, Jury, Rights, Security


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