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Quote from Walter F. Dodd,

Our whole political system rests on the distinction between constitutional and other laws. The former are the solemn principles laid down by the people in its ultimate sovereignty; the latter are regulations made by its representatives within the limits of their authority, and the courts can hold unauthorized and void any act which exceeds those limits. The courts can do this because they are maintaining against the legislature the fundamental principles which the people themselves have determined to support, and they can do it only so long as the people feel that the constitution is something more sacred and enduring than ordinary laws, something that derives its force from a higher authority.


Walter F. Dodd (more quotes by Walter F. Dodd or books by/about Walter F. Dodd)

(1880-1960) Author, professor of political science


The Revision and Amendment of State Constitutions, P. 253 (1910).


Authority, Constitution, Justice, Law


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