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Quote from Richard M. Ebeling,

"Who is the fascist? Individualism and the political philosophy of limited government is not only inconsistent with but is the
exact opposite of fascism and Nazism. Under fascism and Nazism, the state reigns supreme with absolute power over everyone and all forms of
property. It can well be asked: who is the fascist, when the president of the United States and many Democrats and Republicans in congress call for
expanded authority for the FBI and other federal security agencies to intrude into the lives of the American citizenry? Who is the fascist, when the
call is made for increased power for the FBI to undertake “roving wiretapping” or have easier access to the telephone and credit-card records of the
general population? Who is the fascist, when the proposal is made to make it easier for the FBI to investigate and infiltrate any political organization
or association because the government views it as a potential terrorist danger?"


Richard M. Ebeling (more quotes by Richard M. Ebeling or books by/about Richard M. Ebeling)

(1950- ) Author, Professor of Economics, Hillsdale College


The Oklahoma Tragedy and the Mass Media, The Tyranny of Gun Control, 83 (Future of Freedom Foundation 1997).


Authority, Fascism, Government, Individualism, Power, Property, Restraint, Terrorism


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