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Quote from W. H. Chamberlin,

"One of the most insidious consequences of the present burden of personal income tax is that it strips many middle class families of financial reserves & seems to lend support to campaigns for socialized medicine, socialized housing, socialized food, socialized every thing. The personal income tax has made the individual vastly more dependent on the State & more avid for state hand-outs. It has shifted the balance in America from an individual-centered to a State-centered economic & social system."


W. H. Chamberlin (more quotes by W. H. Chamberlin or books by/about W. H. Chamberlin)

(1897-1969) American historian, journalist, author


Socialism, Taxation, Statism, Dependence, Medicine, Welfare, Education, Economics, Control, Centralization, Serfdom


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