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Quote from William P. Hoar,

If ... our bureaucratic masters are becoming more akin to Soviet-style or Eastern European counterparts, it was rarely seen as a plus that those central schemers had wonderful intentions with their five-year plans. Such goals as "job safety," "equality," and freedom from "discrimination," depending on their definitions, may be good things for society, but they were never intended to be the business of the federal government.


William P. Hoar (more quotes by William P. Hoar or books by/about William P. Hoar)

Author, columnist, and managing editor of Periscope, the U.S. Naval Institute military database


More Leeway for Regulators?, The New American, October 16, 1995.


Centralization, Discrimination, Equality, Labor, Safety, Self-Determination, Socialism, Society, Statism


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