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Quote from John Kaplan,

"Drug offenses ... may be regarded as the prototypes of non-victim crimes today. The private nature of the sale and use of these drugs has led the police to resort to methods of detection and surveillance that intrude upon our privacy, including illegal search, eavesdropping, and entrapment.

Indeed, the successful prosecution of such cases often requires police infringement of the constitutional protections that safeguard the privacy of individuals."


John Kaplan (more quotes by John Kaplan or books by/about John Kaplan)

Jackson Eli Reynolds professor of law at Stanford University, Special Attorney US Dept of Justice, author


"Crime and Justice" from the series 'Courses by Newspaper' appearing in numerous American newspapers in October 1977


Constitution, Drugs, Freedom, Individual Rights, Justice, Law, Morals, Oppression, Privacy, Property, Tyranny, Liberty, Civil Rights


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