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Quote from William Van Alstyne,

"The Second Amendment, like the First Amendment, is ... not mysterious. Nor is it equivocal. Least of all is it opaque. Rather, one may say, today it is simply unwelcome in any community that wants no one (save perhaps the police?) to keep or bear arms at all. But ... it is for them to seek repeal of this amendment (and so the repeal of its guarantee), in order to have their way. Or so the Constitution itself assuredly appears to require, if that is the way things are to be."


William Van Alstyne (more quotes by William Van Alstyne or books by/about William Van Alstyne)

Professor at Duke University School of Law, served on National Board of the ACLU


The Second Amendment and the Personal Right to Arms, 43 DUKE L. J. 1236, 1250 (1994).


Arms, Constitution, Individual Rights, Law, Power, Speech


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