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Quote from Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission,

"The regulation prohibiting abusive comment that tends or is likely to expose a person or a group to hatred or contempt is necessary not only to avoid harm to the persons targeted, but also to ensure that Canadian values are respected for all Canadians. The broadcast of remarks that could expose individuals or groups to hatred or contempt can attract individuals to its cause and in the process create serious discord between various groups in Canadian society to the detriment of all of Canadian society. This harm undermines the cultural, political and social fabric of Canada which the Canadian broadcasting system is expressly meant to safeguard, enrich and strengthen. It also undermines the multicultural and multiracial nature of Canadian society, which the programming of the Canadian broadcasting system should reflect. Protection from the harms of abusive comment is for the benefit of all Canadians."


Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (more quotes by Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission or books by/about Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission)


Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2004-271, Ottawa, July 13, 2004, par. 35




Canada, Censorship, Collectivism, Equality, Media, Press, Speech, Statism


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