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Quote from Joseph Willard,

"There is sufficient evidence that a number of societies, of the Illuminati, have been established in this land of Gospel light and civil liberty, which were first organized from the grand society, in France. They are doubtless secretly striving to undermine all our ancient institutions, civil and sacred. These societies are closely leagued with those of the same Order, in Europe; they have all the same object in view. The enemies of all order are seeking our ruin. Should infidelity generally prevail, our independence would fall of course. Our republican government would be annihilated."


Joseph Willard (more quotes by Joseph Willard or books by/about Joseph Willard)

(1738-1804) U.S. Congregational clergyman, President of Harvard University


4 July 1812, A Sermon Preached in Lancaster … on the Anniversary of Our National Independence … Before the Washington Benevolent Societies of Lancaster and Guildhall (Windsor, Vermont: Thomas M. Pomroy, 1812), pp. 14–15
[Ed. note - Willard died in 1804, who delivered the sermon in 1812?]


Conspiracy, Illuminati, NWO, Republic


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