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Quote from Vin Suprynowicz,

What I do know is, in little more than 30 years, we have gone from a nation where the “quiet enjoyment” of one’s private property was a sacred right, to a day when the so-called property “owner” faces a hovering hoard of taxmen and regulators threatening to lien, foreclose, and “go to auction” at the first sign of private defiance of their collective will ... a relationship between government and private property rights which my dictionary defines as “fascism.”


Vin Suprynowicz (more quotes by Vin Suprynowicz or books by/about Vin Suprynowicz)

(1950-) American columnist, author


Live Free or Die: How Many More Carl Dregas?, September 21, 1997.


Collectivism, Fascism, Government, Plunder, Property, Regulation, Tax


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