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Quote from Edwin M. Schur,

"The uneven impact of actual enforcement measures tends to mirror and reinforce more general patterns of discrimination (along socioeconomic, racial and ethnic, sexual, and perhaps generational lines) within the society. As a consequence, such enforcement (ineffective as it may be in producing conformity) almost certainly reinforces feelings of alienation already prevalent within major segments of the population."


Edwin M. Schur (more quotes by Edwin M. Schur or books by/about Edwin M. Schur)

American professor, sociologist, lawyer, economist, author


Schur, Edwin (1974) Victimless crimes: Two sides of controversy. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall.



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Civil Rights, Crime, Drugs, Equality, Government, Individual Rights, Justice, Law, Morals, Oppression, Prison, Sexuality, Society, Tolerance


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