"In wartime, truth is so precious
that she should always be attended
by a bodyguard of lies."
Sir Winston Churchill
(1874-1965) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1940-1945, 1951-1955)
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Reader comments about this quote:
Truth needs no bodyguards, EVER ! Misinformation in time of war will keep the enemy in the dark, enhancing chances of a total take over. That whole war and perception of lies being precious bodyguards / misinformation thing, (the free sovereign can't believe a word that comes out of the government that is at war with him) tends to make one think of 9/11, Oklahoma, Obamacare, unconstitutional kinetic activities, drugs and poverty.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    I suppose it all depends on, to whom, is the truth so precious? If it is a government that has a secret agenda for the future of its own citizens...then it is a symptom of manifest evil. I would add FEMA Camps to Mike's examples. And the truth behind the Federal Reserve fits right in there too.
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    Verbal irony and sarcasm comes to mind... Well, the truth in America is well guarded by lies...
     -- Robken     
    I've always been skeptic with the news media propagating government lies. As an example the Bush Government has lied to the world, just as Hitler did before WW2 when he burned down his own parliament building and blamed it on the Communist Terrorist so he could justify his creation of the Gestapo. Home Land Security ring any bells? Taking away everyone's freedom a little at a time under disguise of "security" just as the Gestapo did.
     -- Mike, Vancouver     
    "You've got to know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em and when to keep'em close to your chest."
     -- Waffler, Smith     
     -- Peter Kobal, Deming      
    Need to know, compartmentalization
     -- anon, anon     
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