"Absence of occupation is not rest, A mind quite vacant is a mind distress'd."
William Cowper
(1731-1800) English poet, hymnodist
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The evidence is all around; at least in my circumference.
 -- Al, N HillsCa     
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    Welcome to the new normal.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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     -- Ronw13, Oregon      
     -- jim k, Austin      
    Deaths by suicide during the lockdown in San Francisco are now higher than the virus deaths.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    I wager he never heard of meditation. Must have been a troubled fella.

     -- Felipe, São Paulo     

    Sure bro, keep telling yourself that. Hey, maybe go by a hospital or morgue to help people out, see if this crisis gets resolved faster, if you're so bored.

     -- Felipe, São Paulo     

    "We've seen a year's worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks."  ABC7 News.  Suicides on the rise amid stay-at-home order, Bay Area medical professionals say.  I don't need to volunteer at a morgue to know that house arrest for 300 million people will cause more damage than Covid's .1% fatality rate (double the seasonal flu).  Get over it.  Quarantine the sick, not the healthy. 

     -- E Archer, NYC     
    I don't know anyone who can meditate food onto their table or pay their rent via meditation  I'm not saying it is impossible but certainly a stretch for the common man.  The focus of the point is 'the absence of occupation' not the benefits of meditation.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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