"The liberal insists that
the individual must remain so supreme
as to make the State his servant."
Wayne Morse
(1900-1974) U.S. Senator
New Republic, 22 July 1946
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Reader comments about this quote:
Pure spite and narrow mindedness...
 -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US     
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    What, if not to serve individuals (sometimes as a collective, sometimes not), WOULD the state be for? OF COURSE the state ought to serve individuals - ALL individuals.
     -- TerryBerg, Occidental, CA     
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    The classical liberal rightfully insists that the State is servant to the people, because the each individual delegates certain specific God given rights to the State, and has the right to take them back. The State exists to make the lives of individuals better. The modern liberal is simply a Communist in training (and most have almost graduated) who believes we are all just a cog in the great machine of State in which the State exists for the betterment of itself. The term "liberal" as applied today is one of the biggest lies ever. They have more in common with Stalin than Thomas Jefferson.
     -- Ken     
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    The State Exists because of the Individual.Rightfully so,the State should serve All Individuals.
     -- KS     
    Morse was no friend of the individual.
     -- Bob, Eugene     
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    Today's liberals are socialists and communists.
     -- Joe, Rochester, MI     
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    The "liberal" of which Morse speaks is not the liberal that Fox News has redefined.
     -- Seth, Eugene     
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    Joe, with all respect, I would appreciate it if you would stop with the name-calling.
     -- Anonymous     
    Seth, or: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or most any other MSM, ecclesiastical seminaries (government schools), publicists of dictionaries, etc. - the list is long. Re-definition is an illiberal's (socialists  from progressives and communist to neocons and fascists, and beyond;-) best friend.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Not shooting the messenger, the "liberal" definition spoken of within the confines of the quote began changing by illiberals over two hundred years ago. As the word "liberal" is used in context here, it is/was, consistent with the States united original organizers (and, my current perspective). By way of observation and not by way of name calling, those dawning the moniker "liberal" unto themselves today are socialists (progressives, communists, etc.). Five stars for a 200+ year old definition, a thumbs down as how "liberal" is used today.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    With all due disrespect to the socialists and communists who have called their evil groups "liberal" and "progressive," if the name fits, wear it.

     -- Durham, Birmingham, AL     
    The left and right wings of Control Freaks Unanimous reject the republic our brilliant founders mandated in Article 4, Section 4.  They support a "wonderful" de-mob-ocracy in hopes of gaining that magic majority so they can use the state to make everyone its servant and march in lockstep with them.
     -- Durham, Birmingham,AL     
    Does he refer to todays liberal?  Todays liberal worships the state.  He only sees the state as  a servant if he means to punish his opposition. I have come to believe that the whole goal to the left's insane antics and policies is a borderless one world government where there is no individual rights except for the ruling class.  That is why they are against any boarder security and oppose sending convicted criminals here illegally home.  All nations are to be combined and to them it is irrelevant where the criminal resides.  Corrupting and destroying the US is the key to Globalism.  When we fall all will fall.   Notice that any attempt to control our border is a criminal act of racism to them?  The house is now looking into blocking the deportation of criminal aliens so they will be loosed on our streets.  States are refusing to aid and are even interfering with agents that are trying to remove illegal felons from our neighborhoods.  These crazies have taken over the house of representatives and it is clear that they are declaring war on this country by subversion of its laws and comon sense.  We put up with 8 years of a constitution hater for a president.  He promoted this anti American/anti law and order behavior and we now are seeing the results.
     -- warren, olathe     
    What a turnabout it has become! sad we have allowed the media to control our thoughts and actions. What was once good has been turned into bad and what is bad has been turned into good!
     -- Robert Edwards, somewhere in the USA     
    Senator Wayne Morse was my friend and mentor.  He told it like it was 100% of the time.

     -- Rachel, Hood River, Oregon     
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