"To enjoy freedom, if the platitude is pardonable,
we have of course to control ourselves.
We must not squander our powers,
helplessly and ignorantly,
squirting half the house in order
to water a single rose-bush;
we must train them, exactly and powerfully,
here on the very spot."
Virginia Woolf
(1882-1941) English writer, modernist author
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Reader comments about this quote:
This one needs to be sent to Washington immediately, i.e., "squirting half the house in order to water a single rose-bush"
 -- Robert, Sarasota     
    Government (i.e. Washington) is waste at the most extreme. Only when ordinary people have had enough will we get off our butts and throw the bums out.
     -- Joe, Rochester, MI     
    Corruption might be illustrated by the image of Bush 'squirting' the entire neighborhood while announcing his claim of bringing water to the entire world. (I especially like the use of the term 'squirting' - lol)
     -- Terry Berg, Occidental, CA     
    OK, kinda like where it is going. Self control is generally an admirable trait but, there is really not enough here to place it into context.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Washington is watching, " The chains that bind the common man " Evil upon the throne, truth upon the scaffold. " ? The evil upon the throne, will be bound, and cast into the Pit ! Judgment past, long ago, sentencing to be carried out, at the appointed time ! Awareness to the issues, of that that binds the common man come to Light. Awakening the spirit within the True Patriot of Liberty and Freedom. Many, stand in wait for True Leadership, for there are always more that follow, than ever lead. The binding factor of pain, will seek relief. There is only One Tree, that provide shade from the rising, very hot sun. An Oak outside the temple, with a great stone laid under, to stand upon. Our Tree of Liberty. which many want to cut down ! platitudes of the churl liberal are very flat and dull, there oratory stinks, badly. Virginia Woolf, given to fiction, suffering from a mental instability, speaks of moral platitudes, repeated, thinking they are dull. Married to a Jew, she spoke contemptuously of Christianity. But highly of the Jew's vitality. No doubt Bi-polar, manic depressive. Hearing voices in hear latter years, suffering from more than one mental breakdown. On Hitler's hit list, she, and her husband.
     -- Ronw13, Yachats Or     
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