"The pages of history shine instances of the jury’s exercise of its prerogative to disregard uncontradicted evidence and instructions of the judge."
U.S. v. Dougherty, 473 F.2d 1113, 1139 (1972)
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Yes, indeed. While the fact that a juror has the right to not convict on principal alone is common knowledge among the judiciary, we the people are the masters and the government our servant -- it is not the servant's job to tell the master what his/her rights are. There is practically no way to tell jurors once they are in court that they have the right to judge both facts and law -- the judge won't do it, the attorneys will not do it, and the defendant cannot do it. The jurors must already know this when they are in court. The fact that this is not common knowledge tells us a lot about what those in power think of the People...
 -- E Archer, NYC     
    A friend who is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in a mid western state, had never heard of Jury Nullification until I told him about it. Evidently they don't mention it in law school.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
     -- Mike, Norwalk      
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