"There is no wisdom without knowledge."
Tom Braun
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Reader comments about this quote:
more so, there is no wisdom without compassion
 -- Robert Edwards     
    "Knowledge comes from study and books, wisdom comes from obedience to God's commandments".
     -- w dornth, arizona     
    I second "w dornth, arizonia."
     -- Ethan     
    God, I am afraid, has no wisdom, if he/she/it did we wouldn't be here, Try being obedient to you own beliefs and your own values - it is this mentality that breeds contempt and hatred - if there is a God It needs to hear the screams and anguish of pious cruelty and indifference. The carnage that humans have suffered under the banner of a God is abominable – Wisdom comes from forgiveness and there is no forgiveness for those who are not believers – that alone is enough to send any intelligent being for the door. From Abraham and the first Crusade to the religious wars of today there has been nothing but suffering. As James A. Haught said ‘Intense beliefs produce intense hostility. Only when faith loses its force can a society hope to become humane’. The history of the Church is nothing but horror – we are entering again into a dark and forbidding future. If you wish to preach love and forgiveness start by being compassionate to all sentient beings, then, and only then, may you live in harmony and hope to fulfill your mission as a member of the human race.
     -- RobertSRQ     
    Boy, you guys are reading a lot into this one. The quote is kind of lame -- knowlege is not necessarily wisdom. I will agree that Truth must be tempered with Compassion -- that I believe is wisdom. Perhaps wisdom is recognizing how little we are even capable of knowing and acting accordingly with humility.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    The wise acquire knowledge not the other way around.
     -- warren, olathe     
    Thank you Alex, I'll take the bleeding obvious for two-hundred.
     -- A.Woods, Gloucester.     
    How about, "Knowledge is useless without wisdom?"
     -- Dana, Lincoln     
    Oh! dear.................
     -- RobertSRQ     
     -- jumana haseen, riyadh      
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