"What is the fairest fruit of the English Tree of Liberty? The security of our rights and of the law, and that no man shall be brought to trial where there is a prejudice against him."
Thomas Erskine
(1750-1823) Lord Chancellor of England
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- Brett, North Royalton      
I don't know that there is a fairest fruit of Liberty but the right to a fair and impartial jury with blind justice as the bench mark is of paramount importance to freedom and liberty. A knowledgeable and freedom loving jury is the last defense against despotism and tyranny. Most juries of today, suffering a materialism's diminished capacity, play to the prejudiced puppet master's strings. I have here given many examples of this but, I am greatly encouraged, I believe the sleeping giant is once again waking up.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Let us hope that Mike is right.
     -- jim k, austin     
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    Yes, and if only we could do this on an individual level perhaps we could carry it through to the corridors of power.
     -- RBESRQ     
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    Right again Mike. When we had an informed jury, I discovered that the check and balance system was what kept the judiciary from corruption. With a judge, council and jury, all concerned with the protection of individual rights and true justice, everybody watched everbody else to see that no powers were abused and individual rights were protected. Transparency was critical and so no secret meetings between judge and council behind closed doors. Our jury is the most critical check among the 3 and of course if push came to shove the jury had last say to judge constitutionality of law and decision on the facts and in fact, because they are the masters and the judge/councils the servant. This system kept prejudice out as everbody was judged on the basis of natural law individual rights of ALL men.
     -- Anon     
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    The fruit has rotted on the vine.
     -- Ken, Allyn, WA     
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    So very well said, Mike and Anon. Given the opportunity and a dogged stance is what is needed to convey key points of understanding. It has been my experience, at first, to grasp basic doctrines of liberty and freedom. These being ( brought out from behind closed doors ). Then to apply. Many, many years in the field, prepping ground and planting a seed. Simple at first, thinking that was the whole. But of course, not knowing it was just the beginning. With in our system of learning, many chew on doctrine to no profit. Weather in the political realm of DC or the political realm of the church. Doubtful disputations arise all the time, some unknowingly, others knowing the confusion caused. The enemy with in. Sitting in a room full of theologians, listening to their points of view can be overwhelming to say the lest. Biblical law and the application of doctrinal understanding. The dummying of the people and its source of conflict. Most, still today are fed with nonsense. Puppy dog stories, thriving and preying upon their emotions. But the whole of the matter is, sound doctrine is not endured well by most, being kept out of the forefront or pulpit if you will. The elements of our Constitution by way of faith and God, in their application are not taught as a whole or as one. There is that which is right, and again that which is wrong application. Rightly dividing cannot be avoided, nor should be. One of the, if not the most widely criticized doctrines in the KJB. Therein is the separation of oppression and freedom. Carnal law, v. law of faith. The laws of nature and of natures God being key elements in our Constitution, should be and are mingled with their source text. This should be taught, but is denied the populous. Waking up, is just that, to see the light and the mingling of wisdom and understanding, rightly divided. Simplicity is the key, as Paul states it is simplicity in Christ. But to be seasoned with salt is what is needed to express the points as a whole, as Peter affirms. Paul speaks of things hard to be understood with those that wrestle with the scriptures. I do pray, with all sincerity, the awakening come quickly and surely as are the testimonies of our God and Lord very sure. I do apologize if this is a long statement, it does seem like failure at times, but fruit does come of age as also due season. God Bless you all. Amen. The quote is true and right, the throne is upheld by mercy and truth. All else will fail.
     -- Ron w13, Or     
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    Good luck even getting to trial!! The threats of punishment are so great if you don't accept a plea bargain, that only a fraction of a percent of cases even go to trial for a jury to decide -- and over 90% of all cases that go to trial are decided against the defendant! What a racket!
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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