"In 1928, Germany enacted its Gesetz uber Schusswaffen und Munition (Law on Firearms and Ammunition), which required firearms and ammunition acquisition permits and record keeping for all transactions. Through this legislation, the police acquired knowledge of all firearm owners, which was used to the Nazis' advantage when they took power in 1933. The Nazi Waffengesetz (Weapons Law) of 1938, signed by Adolph Hitler, built upon the previous registration systems and strictly regulated handguns. ... On the first day the Nazis occupied Czechoslovakia, they put up posters in every town ordering the inhabitants to surrender all firearms, including hunting guns. The penalty for disobedience was death. The Nazis were able to use local and central registration records of firearms owners and hunters to execute the decree. Lists of potential dissidents and other suspects were already prepared, and those persons disappeared immediately. The Nazi commander of Belgium and Netherlands proclaimed that '[t]he surrender of weapons and other implements of war has been ordered by special proclamation.... Hunting guns are [also] to be surrendered ....' The Nazi head of Norway decreed that '[a]ll arms and munitions must be handed over' because only licensed officials and persons with police permits retained the right to possess arms."
Congress Interprets the Second Amendment: Declarations By A Co-Equal Branch On The Individual Right To Keep And Bear Arms, 62 Tenn. L.R. 597, 619 -- 623 (1995)
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Reader comments about this quote:
This a warning to all Americans. Disarming population produces democides and genocides. First step to Genocide and Democide is take away the people's arms so they can't defend themselves. Cambodia 1975–1979 2,035,000 China (KMT) 1928–1949 10,075,000 China (PRC) 1949–1987 77,277,000 China (Mao Soviets) 1923–1949 3,465,000 Colonialism 1900–Independence 50,000,000 Congo Free State 1885–1908 est C20th 3,480,000 total of 10,000,000 Germany 1933–1945 20,946,000 Japan 1936–1945 5,964,000 Pakistan 1958–1987 1,503,000 Poland 1945–1948 1,585,000 Mexico 1900–1920 1,417,000 North Korea 1948–1987 1,563,000 Russia 1900–1917 1,066,000 Turkey 1909–1918 1,883,000 Vietnam 1945–1987 1,670,000 Yugoslavia (Tito) 1944–1987 1,072,000 U.S.S.R. 1917–1987 61,911,000 America is next.
 -- David M. Russell, New Boston     
    And that's what "gun registration" was all about, government safety, not public safety. It holds true today.
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    Before the jackbooted thugs come to take away the guns, they need to know where they are, thus we have gun registration.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
    I remember Adoph Ted Kennedy getting gun registration started in the sixties.
     -- Cal, lewisville, TX     
    David - good information, thanks.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    David has provided us with over 20 million reasons to own a gun. Thanks David. :)
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
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