"According to the Washington based Tax Foundation, the average American worked until May 7th of this year to earn enough money to pay local, state, and federal taxes for 1996. By comparison, Tax Freedom Day fell on January 31st in 1902; February 13th in 1930; March 8th in 1940; April 10th in 1952; April 16th in 1960; April 28th in 1972; May 1st in 1980; and May 6th last year."
Tracking The Budget Beast, The New American, P. 21, May 27, 1996
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Reader comments about this quote:
Again, another example of a debasing theocracy's extremely out of balance, immoral, and unlawful dogma application. It is really sad when a theocracy's dogmas can so easily enslave a once free people using the frog's warming pot concept.The above is a simple illustration of the exorbitant price of despotism and tyranny's chains.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    When it is compulsory to hand over 1/3 of the fruits your annual labors to support government or else forfeit all your property and/or be imprisoned, we can safely say that we are permanent indentured servants to the State. But that is not all -- we also must be subject to reams and reams of rules about what we may do and not do, eat and not eat, say and not say, and how much more we need pay for the 'privilege' of living in our own homes. And if we look at the other 2/3 of income left to us, interest on bank loans for our homes, cars, credit cards, etc. amount to another 50% of that. We are a debtor nation with debtor personalities amassing trillions in unpayable 'liabilities.' That is a hefty price for the American 'Dream.' Stop dreaming and wake up!
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    I suppose that when the government takes it all, there won't be any tax freedom day or any freedom either.
     -- jim k     
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