"Education is not to reform students or amuse them or to make them expert technicians. It is to unsettle their minds, widen their horizons, inflame their intellects, teach them to think straight, if possible."
Robert M. Hutchins
(1899-1977) American educational philosopher, president (1929–1945) and chancellor (1945–1951) of the University of Chicago, and earlier dean of Yale Law School (1927–1929)
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I guess it comes down to having to define the terms while eliminating the prejudices. If education is an action or process of instruction and enlightenment (both from the teachers and students vantage), the scope of the meaning would have to begin at an awh hay - hmm, to a field of study and then to a whole of information (given and gathered). Can education be measured on a violation of the individual (such as the government seminarys sex education at earlier and earlier ages - a type of Stockholm Syndrome) or, proselytizing propaganda (such as the government seminarys limiting dogmas and canons to an atheistic socialism (communism to fascism) ? Can education reform the ignorant ? Can education be amusing ? Can education define or help to bring forth an expert technician ? Can education settle minds ? Can education limit horizons (where is 'truth' in the mix ? - government seminaries abhor conflicting philosophies of the intellectual elite) ? To what standard and who's prejudice is defining, "thinking straight"? Who are the gods of an educationally limiting secular perennialism ? Can any form of education be formed from, associated to or harmonized with athletics and sports ? Considering the source, to many questions to accurately rate.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    I am not sure that is education as much as it is a teacher's passion.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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