"Heterodox doctrines, in economics and elsewhere, often fail to get adequately discussed in their formative stages: both the intellectual and the political establishment tend to regard them as unworthy of notice. Meanwhile, those doctrines can seem compelling to large numbers of people (some of whom may have considerable political clout, large financial resources, or both). By the time it becomes apparent that such influential ideas demand serious attention after all, reasoned argument has become very difficult. People have become invested emotionally, politically, and financially in the doctrine; careers and even institutions have been built on it; and the proponents can no longer allow themselves to contemplate the possibility that they have taken a wrong turning."
Paul Krugman
Economist, MIT
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Reader comments about this quote:
For once this Keynesian, statist scoundrel (but I repeat myself) is speaking the truth, but he needs to be looking in a mirror. It was peculiar to see his name on a site that pretends to care about liberty...who's next, here, Mao Tse Tung?
 -- Tom Osborne, Tarzana     
    I'm with Tom on how accurate the quote's devastation has been on the world's and, Amerika's economy. Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench, the assassin, and his traitorous Czars and Stars continue in their Keynesian ways of devastation while regulating at a breakneck pace against business. Krugman did use the correct term 'heterodox doctrine' to describe what the statist theocracy's over all plan is. I give the quote 5 stars because it does accurately depict the religious greed, fear, and ignorance of the statist theocracy's patrons and why they will not return to the God of Nature's fiscal laws.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Gee America, can't you take a hint sometimes or are you just plain stupid.
     -- Anon     
    Here's how liberals operate. First you define a problem, real or invented, then throw huge sums of money at it, and when that makes things even worse you throw more money at it. When all that fails just blame it all on someone or something else. Then we reelect the same folk who started the whole process and the cycle continues.
     -- jim k, Austin,Tx     
    Anon. You really need to identify yourself. Or do you not because your comments are so far fetched and inaccurate that you don't want to own up to them.
     -- Carol, Georgia     
    In other words, policies that promote government dependency, there will eventually be millions who depend on these policies and agencies, and the thought of getting rid of the policy will be disatrous for those that have become dependent upon them, Duh! That is the reason these policies were resisted in the first place! The problem is that it takes 20 years for the obvious to occur and by then, a new generation has become accustomed to their fashion of servitude and dependence. That is what the ruling class depends upon.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Krugman actually made some sense here. He speaks of the formative stages when the opposing doctrines are virtually ignored until too late to be corrected. The complacency, the apathy and the general reluctance of the vast majority to turn the ship of state when it is on the wrong course is what has brought us to this point. The changes have been gradual enough that they went almost unnoticed. And now those fully invested in these opposing doctrines that have skewed the country's bedrock will fight tooth and nail to maintain their flawed positions and continue their way to eventual destruction. I give Krugman three stars since this quote is more an aberration than his generally held beliefs.
     -- Carol, Georgia     
    Carol, pray tell, what truly does my identity have to do with what I say? I guarantee you will not know of me. I will admit I enjoy days where I just let my mind wander where I reach conclusions and just let 'em out. I love being free so I choose not to reveal who I am. Are you willing to ask a relavent question or do you use the name Carol to avoid them? Maybe you're really Georgia. In any case I really don't care so I withdraw my questions.
     -- Anon     
    5 Stars for the comment realizing it comes from an unlikely source.
     -- zeitgeist, la crescenta, ca     
    Krugman has a cracker jack Nobel prize like Al Gore you know. Give him the respect he deserves (that would be none, of course).
     -- Anonymous     
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