"The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots and the bankers went anew to grab the riches. I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it to systematically corrupt civilisation."
Otto von Bismarck
(1815-1898) Founder of the German Empire, Prime minister of Prussia, Germany’s First Chancellor
after the Lincoln assassination
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Reader comments about this quote:
Lincoln had to fight many battles during his term. 'Preserving the union' was his intention. It is not widely known that the war between the States was very much instigated by the Rothschilds who had control over both the Bank of England and the Bank of France and had been making inroads to the US banking system (Jackson already threw them out once). The Bank of England helped to finance the North and the Bank of France helped the South. The intent was clear -- divide and conquer. But when Lincoln realized that the money being 'borrowed' was simply being 'printed up' so-to-speak, he decided to issue interest-free government notes instead -- a power the government has been granted in the Constitution. He was assassinated shortly thereafter. Interestingly, JFK did the same thing, and he was killed shortly after that, too.
 -- E Archer, NYC     
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    Lincoln was a race mixed Melungeon indian who caused the war to free his fellow colored people.
     -- Anonymous, Tampa     
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    Right...In the case of Kennedy it was executive order #11110: an issuance of silver certificates into circulation.
     -- al, washington dc     
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     -- David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood      
    Anonymous; Thanks so much for that insight. - ROFL - It's amazing the things you can learn from anonyms. What on earth made me think that the idea of 'RACE MIXING', as a pejorative notion, had become passé along with the term 'colored'? FROM {http://www.melungeons.com/articles/mar2005.htm} we have the following: The Melungeon DNA Surname Project by Dr. Elizabeth Hirschman and Dr. Donald Panther Yates state that Abraham Lincoln was of Jewish ancestry. Dr. Hirschman writes "The DNA sample we have came from a Berry male from Tennessee whose ancestors had arrived in Virginia. The marriage of Abraham Lincoln's parents was performed in the home of a Berry (and not a church) suggesting that not only the Lincolns, but also the Berry's were of Jewish descent. We believe that many of the very earliest settlers who came to North America from England were actually Sephardic Jews."
     -- Terry Berg, Occidental, CA     
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    Oh yeah, Anonymous, Tampa ought to get together with BRIAN D. PICKETT, Tampa, Florida, USA. - - Under: http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quote_blog/Henry.Morgenthau.Quote.1C65 BRIAN D. PICKETT, Tampa, Florida, USA says "PS. Notice how fredoom hating scum like Anonymous never say who they realy are." but they (lol) both seem to fear 'non-whites'. Hmm, is it in Tampa's water?
     -- Terry Berg, Occidental, CA     
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    there is a simple spelling error people. civilization is how it is spelled. but it was good otherwise.
     -- Stephanie, Massachusetts     
     -- Anonymous      
    There was a great deal of similarity between Abraham Lincoln and Otto von Bismarck. Adam Young wrote, "It shouldn't be surprising that the actions of two despots would closely parallel each other." "Abraham Lincoln is incorrectly remembered as a man in the Jeffersonian tradition and as the restorer of liberty, while Bismarck is generally seen as a ruthless dictator, eager to sacrifice men to his policy of deciding the future of his countrymen "by blood and iron."" "To break the impasse with the German liberals, Bismarck used an illegal ruse, as he was to admit later. As the Prussian constitution stipulated, the budget had to be approved by the Chamber of Deputies, the House of Lords, and the king, but Bismarck invented the claim that if one of the three branches rejected the budget, there was "a gap in the constitution" and the king was entitled to collect the existing taxes and continue to spend them until agreement was reached." The "gap in the constitution" theory was not original. Lincoln, too, invented a similar ruse to discover several previously unheard-of presidential powers that had lain dormant, or so he claimed. With the secession of the Deep South--and, later, the Upper South, in response to his call to arms following his order to arm and fortify Union Custom House forts in southern territories and invade South Carolina then a sovereign and independent nation--Lincoln then engaged in a series of unconstitutional actions that centralized power in the presidency and served to free him from the constitutional authority of Congress. After engineering the delay in calling Congress back to Washington for three months after having used duplicitous communications to force the South to fire first at Fort Sumter, Lincoln usurped the congressional powers of appropriation and spending as he built up his military forces, unconstitutionally ordered a naval blockade of Southern ports, and began planning the invasion of the southern states before Congress even had a chance to gather and debate the incident and declaration of war by Lincoln, knowing that the declaration of war and action against a rebellion was a constitutional power of Congress not the presidency." When Congress did finally convene during the heady days of war, Congress had nothing left to do except vote the funds and grant retroactive approval for Lincoln's illegal actions. The Congress realized that Lincoln's new army was intended for use as a domestic weapon of suppression and intimidation of secessionists..." "Bismark, like under Lincoln, the representatives of the people were reduced to the status of a rubber-stamp parliament by the euphoria of war. Like Lincoln, the use of the army defeated the spirit of resistance to the dictator's policies, both in Bismarck's Prussia and in Lincoln's North for long after the war itself ended. In the American experience, secession was destroyed as a viable tool to prevent the despotic centralization of power in direct violation of the Declaration of Independence." In both America and Prussia, the army ruled. In the words of Justice Benjamin R. Curtis, Lincoln had established "a military despotism form of government." "What is baffling is that both men did not particularly care for the people they conquered. Lincoln did not highly regard Southerners, and Bismarck disdained the South Germans. But to each man, what mattered was the idol of national--that is, territorial--union, regardless of the wishes of the people. And in the United States, as well as in Prussia, one man was the government." "Another similarity between these two dictators (Bismarck and Lincoln) was the use of deception to launch their wars. Just as Lincoln used the Fort Sumter ruse to corner the South, Bismarck engineered France into declaring war on Prussia. The infamous Ems telegram, like the manipulation of the Fort Sumter issue, was a duplicitous communication purposely designed to incite war. In fact, Bismarck later stated that "Success essentially depends upon the impression which the origination of the war makes upon us and others; it is important that we should be the party attacked." Being the aggressor would have rallied opposition against Prussia. But, on the other hand, posing as the victim of aggression would gain the sympathy of other powers and the support of all Germany. Lincoln used the same understanding to secure the overwhelming support of the North." "...like that of the American Union in 1865, was not the product of the representatives of the people..." "...it was the result of armed might. Prussia had conquered Germany, in addition to Denmark, Austria and France, just as the North had conquered the South during Lincoln's administration." "Abraham Lincoln's reinterpretation of the U.S. Constitution and total disregard of the Declaration of Independence made him the most powerful man in the Union, with the self-declared power to arrest, detain and prosecute; to appropriate and spend tax funds; to accumulate debt, print money, conscript men, launch invasions and install puppet governments in the conquered states. Lincoln ruled, ignoring the U.S. courts and the U.S.legislature as he saw fit." "Lincoln was fully convinced that ideas could be successfully defeated by policemen and soldiers, as he deployed his men to shut down dissent and opposition to his regime in the northern states. Lincoln replaced a legitimate confederated republic, where the state and federal governments in theory mutually checked and balanced each other, with a forced Union where the member states were subordinated to the Union government. C.S.A. General Robert E. Lee told Lord Acton of his fear that the War Between the States that produced a "consolidation of the states into one vast republic" had also produced a centralized government "sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home." He was right! What both Lincoln and Bismarck sought was to alter their respective forms of government to create a facade of parliamentary institutions that disguised the resumption and continuation of monarchical authoritarian rule." "In Lincoln we see this, too. Under the idol of Union, the Jeffersonian tradition was overthrown. Nationalism led to restrictions on free trade and individualism. The War for the Union acted as cover for the installation of economic and legal privileges for connected mercantile elite establishment, as the states were herded back together at gunpoint." Minus 620,000 dead young Americans and over a million wounded, with many maimed for life. "...both Lincoln and Bismarck laid the foundation for the total states and the total wars of the 20th century, with their massive armies and the subordination of the citizens to their schemes of a strong central government." "Lincoln, like Bismarck, scorned the liberal policies of peace and free trade. And it is because of Lincoln's war that America came to be less and less associated with those ideals of free trade and peace. Abraham Lincoln made the American national state great but American's citizens as free men he made them small. Abraham Lincoln overthrew his own people and began reversing the gains of classical liberalism--a reversal that still continues to this day throughout the world." #
     -- Al Barrs, Bascom     
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    War between the States: Typical ploy used in Europe. Support both sides, produce a largely false issue--in this case, slavery--and spark hostilities ("Divide & Conquer" principle). BAM, you have a war which destroys families, erodes freedom, and generates millions for the bankers. The main purpose of the 14th Amendment, incidentally, was the guarantee of repayment of war debts to the international bankers. The second purpose was the institution of a second-class form of American citizenship, no longer based on state citizenship.
     -- Anonymous, Los Angeles     
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    War between the States: Typical ploy used in Europe by the Big Bankers. Support both sides, produce a largely false issue--in this case, slavery (the real issue was the difference in two economic systems, and the bankers wanting to get a hand-hold on America)--and spark hostilities ("Divide & Conquer" principle). BAM, you have a war which destroys families, erodes freedom, and generates millions for the bankers. The main purpose of the 14th Amendment, incidentally, was the guarantee of repay-ment of war debts to the international bankers. The second purpose was the institution of a second-class form of American citizenship, no longer based on state citizenship. It might also interest you to know that, the federal government was in a quandary, after the "Civil War." When the southern states withdrew, their people in Congress withdrew, so there was no longer a quorum, and--to all intents and purposes-- the Unites States government no longer existed. Also, in 1865, many of the southern states had been reduced to conquered territory. The USA, as an official entity, was in limbo. The answer? Congress in 1871 reconstituted the United States as a corporation. When I heard a speaker, a few years ago, state that the American president was actually the president of a corporation, I thought he was nuts. Now, it doth appear that this is literally true. BTW, "civilization/civilisation" is spelled slightly differently in the U.K., and the USA, so the quote has no spelling errors.
     -- Dr. TCH, Los Angeles     
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     -- :)      
    Otto von Bismarck was the greatest politician of Germany. We Germans owe him very much and I think this quote speaks for itself. Everyone that openly fights the banks is a hero. Like these two noble men, Bismarck and Lincoln, were.
     -- Rene, Lahr     
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    Lincoln protected our sovereignty from the depredations of various foreign interests. That you should speak so low of him belies an ignorance of history. Lincoln saved the Union from disintegration. By doing so he prevented multiple wars between multiple states. He secured our Repuiblic against international trade and the depredations of various counting houses, political dynasties, and trade companies.
     -- Z, Bloomfield, NM.     
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    that's an interesting fact that Otto von bismarck, while being in Russian, studied its language and tradtioins. Read the wholy story http://www.fampeople.com/articles-complete-calculation-otto-von-bismarck
     -- Natasi, Moscow     
    it is a bogus quote written by nationalists.
    the author of this quote, Siem, was born in 1861. he states to have received this in a letter from bismarck himself in 1876 .... writing letters with high profile leaders while being 15 years old?

    What is the source of Siem's fabricated quotation? A 1926 book by a notorious anti-Semite, The Secret World Government Or "The Hidden Hand": The Unrevealed in History By Count Cherep-Spiridovich.

    You can read this book for free on nationalist websites.

    Here is a full article about this bogus quote including sources:
     -- Anonymous, Ignorance is bliss     
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    no one wants to admit the blatant anti-christianity concept of greed and slavery was the entire reason for the civil war. and the last 150 years being used by ignorant, uneducated and affluant white people to terrorize anyone of color. i thank god i live in the time where i can watch them lose their power and authority. for all my ancestors who suffered under them,by them, and sometimes with. them may the fall be as long and as hard as they sought to apply to countless.....coountles others. and i take no joy in it. also i intentionally used no capitals so those ignorant enough to be proud of the tragic and horrible history of amerikkka.
     -- Gary M. Childs, San Antonio     
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    I don't believe it was Lincoln's death that was such a disaster for Christendom, though he did try to soften the raping and pillaging of the South after the war. There was no man or entity in the United States great enough or sufficiently willing to stand up against socialism's cancerous growth (socialism, as a religion is antithetical and violently opposed to Christianity) and the subsequent bankers in their insatiable appetite for others' property and riches. It was absolutely accurate that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks would entirely control the exuberant America's riches and use it to systematically corrupt civilization.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Isn't it easier to lie cheat and steal without worrying that Christ is watching? Isn't that the reason we are being moved away from a republic and to a socialist/collective nation? To rid us of morality and show us we are the sheep after all? Isn't it easier to control animals than beings who are free thinking and who have a sense of morality and function in a civilized and principled manner within society? Keep the sheep 'happy', feed them from the public trough, and they will respond by lapping the hand that feeds them. House them in boxes, educate them to serve the state and they are no longer much different than sheep in pens. The state becomes the new god...for sheep only need material basics...and the state will offer to provide...and the state works for the bank.
     -- ...     
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     -- Leslie, Biddeford, ME      
    Lincoln was a tyrant and a despot.
     -- Jim K, Austin     
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    Leslie, well said !
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    The greatness of both Lincoln and Bismarck was that they were, above all else, pragmatists who believed in politics as the art of the possible. Unfortunately, one can see a parallel in the line from Bismarck to Wilhelm 2 to Hitler and the line from Lincoln to Robert Taft to Trump.
     -- Brian L. Hope, College Station, Texas     
    It was the issuance of the 'Greenback' that earned Lincoln a Bullet in the head! The Greenback was a Hitler like move. The International Bankers offered Lincoln money to finance the Civil War, but at a very high rate of interest(Usury, the usual Jewish trick. So Lincoln refused a loan from them and printed an interest free currancy(the Greenback) and hence defied the Jewish International Bankers, as did Hitler. Both were brutally eliminated. 
     -- Sybarite123, Waterloo     
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