"The newspaper announced that the mission of the Red Guards was to rid the country of the ‘Four Olds’: old culture, old customs, old habits, and old ways of thinking. There was no clear definition of ‘old’; it was left to the Red Guards to decide. First of all, they changed street names."
Nien Cheng
[Yao Nien-Yuan 姚念媛] (1915 - 2009) Chinese author who recounted her harrowing experiences during the Cultural Revolution in her memoir 'Life and Death in Shanghai'
Life and Death in Shanghai, 1987
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Reader comments about this quote:
The Chinese people are truly survivors.
 -- jim k, Austin     
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    Since the playbook has gone through so many refinements, it is thought that it should work well in Amerika. The ecclesiastical propagators (MSM) announce the summer of love and peaceful protest. Books and Bibles are being burned in Amerika while Christian churches are being blown-up in China. Amerka's Red Guard (antifa, BLM, academic progressives, etc.) proclaim no clear definition of their ultimate end goal.

     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    In today's U.S. this is actually how the so-called "Woke" Propaganda feeding Main Stream Media (MSM), ANTIFA, and BLM act, manipulate and brainwash the sad pathetic and clueless.

     -- Mary, MI     
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    This is foundational to Marxism. The other is redistribution of wealth, ie violence and vandalism. Today's leftist cities are walking in the same footsteps and into oblivion. Stand aside and let them crash but defend your suburbs and rural areas, you have no other option. 

     -- Don Lee, Reno     
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