"Now what I contend is that my body is my own, at least I have always so regarded it. If I do harm through my experimenting with it, it is I who suffers, not the state."
Mark Twain
[Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910) American author and humorist
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Reader comments about this quote:
There are multiple ways to perceive self. Such perception is an inalienable right. The representative State represents individual right(s) not the individual. Each individual is different thus, representation would have to differ. Individual right(s) is / are the same to / for / in / of - etc. each and every, any and all individuals thus de jure and lawful representation is unalterably static. The de jure and lawful State is limited to LIFE (murder), LIBERTY (The power of acting as one thinks fit, without any restraint or control, except from the laws of nature. (Bouviers law dictionary)) and PROPERTY (perfected allodium and larceny) as is associated to the noble being. The de jure representative state has no lawful standing, moral obligation or otherwise legitimate authority to interfere with self suffering. Moral, ethical and otherwise "Real piety in practice, consisting in the performance of all known duties to . . .our fellow men" (Bouvier's law dictionary) falls within the scope of religion.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    I wonder what Mr. Clemens would think of the current welfare state as it relates to his statement? Certainly he couldn't know how government would expand to the dangerous levels it has today where the cost of a person's actions is born by all the taxpayers.
     -- Mike, Pleasant Hill     
    A good answer to The War on Drugs.
     -- jim k, austin tx     
    Except from the laws of Nature ! Threskos religion, pious, pure. And with Mr. Clemens, in one accord with the hosts of heaven. He new there was more to life than meets the eye. He influenced my life greatly as a young boy on the street and in the country at thirteen.
    Well said Mike and Jim !
     -- Ron w13, Or     
    For this to be true we must get rid of federal Medicaid.
     -- cal, Lewisville, tx     
    Its not that simple, one is of course free to do what ones want. But when one ends up in public hospital who foots the bill. If the burden fall on the general public they should have a say in this matter.
     -- Ahmed Mir, Avenel, NJ     
    Whose to say when the tit or pap is removed, profit for the middle man decreases and care returns to true mission and the field of care. Then done for compassion and not for profit ! Local care returns to the frontier. Need a teacher hire one, need a Doctor hire one. Keep it simple son. KISS, cal and Ahmed Mir
     -- Ron w13, Or     
     -- Mary - MI      
    Definitely! If I do not 'own' my body, then who is the owner? In a monarchy, all the people are subjects of the Crown and in essence the property of the Crown. This is how it has been for thousands of years, and the US is slowly adopting policies and writing laws that in essence turn the citizens into subjects. The ruling class knows that men can be conditioned into beasts of burden, and they have been perfecting it for millennia.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Ahmed, the socialistic theocracy's reasoning you offer is not that simple. First of all, this "public" that you speak of that owns an hospital, can you give me his/her/its address so that I might serve a subpoena — I have some questions. Your assumption of "ends up" begs the question, who accepted and admitted the injured. It is by religion that the indigent is cared for with out cost and with a willing heart. Are you saying "public" is a patron of some religion or is the religion itself? By "general public", are you referring to a multiple of religious patrons of a church or some church as a whole? The "say in this matter" for which you speak is not to the individual's inalienable right to harm himself but, whether or not you, as a patron of religion (individually or in concert with other patrons) will serve the man based on cost. My law dictionary of moral and ethical above is a definition of religion. The body politic's de jure representation of inalienable rights does not include religious service — Body politics of a free person and religion are 2 separate things. The occupying statist theocracy now infesting this land (complete with its socialist and other detrimental thought and action) is a malefactor's tyranny that is criminally antithetic to inalienable right, liberty, equity, justice the laws of nature and of nature's God (natural law) and prosperity.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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