"Only the suppressed word is dangerous."
Ludwig Börne
(1786-1837) German journalist
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 -- Anonymous      
Dangerous to whom? Any true word can be dangerous to a liar, suppressed or not. Suppression is the liar's attempt at self-preservation from a word that's dangerous to him.
 -- Ken, Allyn, WA     
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    Lying is a form of suppressing the truth.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    Redefinition can be a form of suppressed words. Words are only tools to define and associate ideas; if you take an idea out of a society by redefining the word that such an idea is connect to, that idea is lost forever to time unless you find another word to use in its place to define the same concept. It is exceptionally hard for government to become tyrannical when the PEOPLE adhere not to a mere "majority vote", but to natural laws (laws that exist in nature). It is not convenient for government to continually be having to check themselves against natural law. When government (which is really just a select group of individuals) seeks to do things outside their bounds, even though they be sincere in their endeavor to do good things, natural law prohibits them from legitimately doing it. Now, any government can set up a de facto regime and rule is a tyrannical fist -- even if that tyrannical fist comes in the form of a usurping majority -- but such does not constitute true legitimacy of laws or of government. If we construct a government upon the mere principle of majority rule absolutely, we condone such deplorable actions of gang rape. Many of us have written "books" on this subject here on these blog pages -- we've used many, many, many words to define a system, concept, and idea of government wherein the founders merely had to pen a guarantee to a "Republican form of government" (US Constitution Article IV Section 4). Now that terms and definitions have changed, we now have to be overly verbose in once again introducing the ideas and philosophies of our founders. Suppression of a language is indeed very dangerous, as is the intentional redefinition of language.
     -- Logan, Memphis, TN     
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    Every great society was based on this equation. 20% would be poor. 10% would be rich. 70% would be what we call today, middle class. This 70% was the backbone, strength, and suport of any trully great society. They had it better than like people anywhere else. They were well fed, their family was safe, and they had some leisure time. They loved their life and worked hard to preserve it. They were willing to fight and even die if need be to sustain it. They taught their children to do the same and expected no less from them. However, if they lost hope, and confidence in their rulers, and their society. If they had no prospect of improvement. If all seemed to be going down hill. If they were opressed. They became very dangerous. They would no longer obey, work, or fight to preserve that society. they would say, lets see what the next guy has, its got to be better than this, can't be any worse than this. They might ever rise up and overthrow their rulers. This is usually how all great societies collapsed from within. It becomes like a run away freight train that can't be stopped. Do you see a patern here. I do. Our rulers need to make the people happy. They need to do their jobs right, and respect the people, so that the train never gets started. The queen bee is a servent to the hive. It is the soldier and worked bee that keeps the hive alive.
     -- Ken, Milford Pa     
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    More than suppressed words are dangerous; while, the overall meaning is close enough. Currently, the Clinton Nincompoop Network (CNN) openly lies about Trump and suppresses the vast majority of Hitlery's criminality. That is dangerous Wikileaks has repeatedly shown suppressed words to be dangerous.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Telling the truth can be dangerous -- it's also courageous and honorable. Great comments above!
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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