"Principio Obstate (Resist from the beginning)."
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Reader comments about this quote:
And millions of us have been since the recent election.
 -- Kimo, Lahaina     
    We can not keep backing up and drawing new lines in the sand. Sooner or later we must make a stand.
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    Kimo, then, where is the action to show your resistance? It is rhetorical statement valid throughout the ages.
     -- RBESRQ     
    Cancers are easier to deal with at the start
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Standing, still standing. Resisting, still resisting. We are here and we need you all to help hold the line, not redraw the line.
     -- Abigail, Newport     
    We've been doing that since the Cold War Era. Brilliant words none the less.
     -- Johann Hollar     
    Part of the problem is that some people do not see the problems and are in denial until it's like a wound festering on our Constitution. Others don't believe there is a problem because that is what they want anyway, i.e., Progressives. It's the ones that first reeled under the campaign promises of Obama such as the sky rocketing energy bills, the call to the electorate that we need to "change" the greatest country on earth, that actually saw what was coming and began to come forward and early on to stop the destruction the election. Little did we know what we were up against. A well organized machine with tremendous financial backing from Soros and his many organizations already in full swing to damage any and all conservative candidates. Now we know and are organizing as well. Everyone can do something! Let us all do our part, we are the Re-Founders!!!
     -- Carol, Georgia     
    Sedition and (unarmed) insurrection are a must to save the country. We must stop fighting each other as in Wisconson and concentrate on where the problems are coming from...the super-rich who have, without penalty, super-capital flighted, off-shored, outsourced and expatriated to "undisclosed locations" around the world. International law anyone...NOT international gun grabbing for starters, how about TARP prosecutions and reinstituting the Glass-Steagal act...world-wide?..on and on.
     -- Dr. Tom LaMar, Keeseville, NY     
    "Resist from the beginning": Very true. Inappropriate actions that are ALLOWED to continue, take on more power as they keep moving along that same direction.. As they slowly continue, people gain acceptance to these items which they have become used to. The strength of this trend, makes it more difficult to reverse, & should have stopped, before it began.
     -- Valerie Nixon, Richmond     
    By way of a practical example: An evolution of "stare decisis" (case law legislating from the bench) is a culminating slippery slope of corruption and tyranny away from originating principles, laws, liberty, and inalienable rights - recognized under the founding Constitution.

     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    One must be taught early on, independence, to resist from the beginning. Once to every generation opportunity knocks. Divine providence is the wild card hoped/prayed for. Patriots opened the door this time. WWG1WGA to MAGA to KAG hold the course.
     -- Ronw13, Oregon     
     -- jim k, Austin      
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