"Truth and news are not the same thing."
Katharine Graham
(1917-2001) American publisher, owner of Washington Post and Newsweek magazine.
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The actual state of things. (Bouviers Law Dictionary) News is an arbitrary reporting of events. Truth (the "be"); News (the "do") Outside the actual state of things, it is hoped that news' reporting of events is accurate (which may or may not lead to truth).
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
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     -- Ronw13, Oregon      
     -- Jim K, Austin      
    Whatever happened to "don't believe everything you read"? I'm afraid the Washington Post has fallen a great height from when Katharine Graham ran the paper. I used to read the Washington Post regularly in those days, along with the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

    But TODAY, the WaPo, NYT, even the WSJ, have dumbed-down their content and their 'reporting' has become more and more opinionated -- it's all op-ed now, round table discussions: OPINION-MAKING and it's a racket. Remember that the media is in the advertising business, and thus are experts in mass psychology for selling their products. Over the decades they have turned 'reporting' into a business to sway the opinions of the masses to not only buy their drugs but also their ideology of dependence and conformity for the masses. THEY are the experts, and we need only listen and do as they suggest.

    BUT the digital age and social media have utterly destroyed the printed and broadcast mediums -- that is how the Post and the Times lost their power and value. The owners have all changed as the businesses were sold, foreign ownership of these old presses is increasing, the older investigative journalists are fading away or have their own media brands and outlets.

    Along with Graham, Huntley and Brinkley and Cronkite are dead and with them went the journalistic integrity they kept. When will Integrity be included as an American value?
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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