"By a very conservative estimate, a hundred million people have died
at the hands of their own governments in this century.
Given that record, how bad could anarchy be?"
Joseph Sobran
(1946-2010) American columnist
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Reader comments about this quote:
Anarchy is absolutely antithetical to human nature and can not exist in reality so, the question has no answer. Another cause and effect would have to be offered before an accurate answer can be given. A socialist administration of an atheistic religion has been the primary cause of government murders in the last century. It could be asked, who is behind the successful proselytizing of such religion? Also, since America has abandoned its roots, succumbing to such religion, it could be asked, how bad could a representative republic - limiting government (not We The People) by a natural law constitution be ?
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    In the case of the US, 'anarchy' would simply be to toss out the reams and reams of federal commercial statutes that mask themselves as criminal law. Such 'anarchy' is known as 'free trade'. I agree that anarchy can never actually be established because it is by its very nature unorganized, and since this world does indeed operate in a natural order, anarchy is at best simply living without the need of consent of others. I'll take anarchy over servitude any day.

    Hey, Mike, anarchy is merely 'natural law' in the human world -- all the rest of the animals are anarchists and only have one real enemy - man.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Archer, I understand that concept. I feel I, personally, fall into the category you described. For example: even when under the current political condition where I would normally be considered an employee; from my perspective and by agreement, I am not just self employed but in toto aloof from all others, contracting sovereign to sovereign - equal to equal. Purely at law, an argument can be made for anarchy. It is the application of justice that my comment was referencing. Only the being man seeks justice at such a level. That is where the quote's anarchy fails to exist.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Indeed...but what is usually left out of these truths is the fact that the citizens were first disarmed by the wannabe dictators.

    Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership have compiled a genocide chart starting with the Ottoman empire back in 1900. This organization is low key but has been around for over 30 + years. Some had relatives who died in the Holocaust...preceeded first by gun registration and then confiscation. The same pattern that has been in action here in the United States for decades.

    Now we have a "president" intent on destroying our Second Amendment RIGHT and isn't even trying to hide it! Notice as well, the deliberate weakening of our justice system. Criminals are being turned loose in some states (IE: New Mexico for one) because they "committed low level crimes". Is the left so bereft of brain cells they don't get that if a thug gets away with a "light" crime he's not going to go out and commit an even more serious crime?? But also notice the lack of concern over the fact that when it comes to guns, punks just don't bother with going to a firearms class, getting a certificate, taking it to the local sheriff's office, getting fingerprinted, photographed and then waiting patiently for their legal conceal carry "permit".

    Tyrants are hesitant to attack armed citizens...think about that one the next time the leftist disinformation 'media' starts blathering about gun control. Hint: guns are incapable of committing violence all by themselves.
     -- Denise, Durango     
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