"[The program of American disarmament outlined in
State Department Paper 7277] is the fixed, determined
and approved policy of the government of the United States."
Joseph S. Clark
(1901-1990) US Senator (Pennsylvania-D)
March 1, 1962
on the floor of the U.S. Senate during debate of State Department Paper 7277
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Reader comments about this quote:
no, actually, it is not.
 -- Helberg, Minnesota     
    Would that it were so...
     -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US     
    Would that it were so...then we would live in a Marxist utopia where we would all live in equal squalor while we labor for our UN masters.
     -- Ken, WA     
    The object, quote obviously, is to do or say anything in order to get the other guy to disarm. Why would the US disarm? They are the disputed super power -- no the US military is used to disarm everyone else (including the American people). My fear is that eventually the US will be seen as the great evil, and the UN will insist that the US turn over all their weapons to the UN. As well meaning as this may sound to the masses, it is merely the transfer of power from one hand to another. Membership in the UN requires ALL power to ultimately rest with the UN, not with the countries within it. The intent of the UN is to centralize world power -- stealthily controlled by the International Monetary Fund/World Bank. All member countries have declared bankruptcy and are in receivership to the IMF (Fed) and World Bank as preconditions to membership in the UN. Name one war the UN has stopped. Name one 'peace' the UN has 'kept'. It is a con to steal power from the smaller countries -- and eventually the larger ones, too.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    E. Archer has his finger on the pulse. It seems likely that there's some truth in "... fixed, determined and approved policy of the GOVERNMENT of the United States." I mean, do the voters run the show? Hey-all-No. Voters are incapacitated - even when they do their pro forma voting schtick. I vote - AND - I'm not entirely convinced that most people pay enough attention to issues to know what they're voting for. Look at how long it took a majority of the population of this country to BEGIN to get a grip on the true nature of 'Bush Country'. Corporate money runs the show and you can't stop it.
     -- Terry Berg, Occidental, CA     
    is this still on the books? Obviously it is not the intent or direction of US military and war policy. Nice to know there were dreamers in 1962. Today we're loaded up with bullies with fear at their core. Let's all keep thinking please.
     -- jim abbott, montgomery center vt     
    Clarification: I'm NOT against corporations. I'm against corporate control of government. A corporation is, after all, not an individual 'person'. It's an 'entity' under the law (like a person) designed to shield the individual officers and 'owners' of that corporation from personal culpability (loss) under the law. Recall ENRON.
     -- Terry Berg, Occidental, CA     
    Joseph S. Clark should be under indictment for treason.
     -- Joe, Rochester, MI     
    Clark died in 1990. For a few dollars, you could get " State Department Paper 7277" printed on every sheet of a roll of toilet paper.
     -- David L. Rosenthal , Hollywood     
    I wonder if you could get a copy of the Patriot Act on one of those rolls of toilet paper...
     -- Logan, Memphis, TN     
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