"Fortunately, there is a weapon for preserving life and liberty that can be wielded effectively by almost anyone -- the handgun. Small and light enough to be carried habitually, lethal, but unlike the knife or sword, not demanding great skill or strength, it truly is the 'great equalizer.' Requiring only hand-eye coordination and a modicum of ability to remain cool under pressure, it can be used effectively by the old and the weak against the young and the strong, by the one against the many."
Jeffrey R. Snyder
American attorney, author
A Nation of Cowards, 113 Public Interest (Fall 1993).
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- Mike, Norwalk      
There are no good guns, there are no bad guns. A bad guy with a gun is a bad thing. A good guy with a gun is a good thing. ~ Heston
 -- J Carlton, Calgary     
     -- OldDood, Lansing      
    This is the REAL reason hand guns are being targeted -- they present real risk to government agents enforcing seizure laws without due process. Gun ownership is a stumbling block to making all citizens absolutely subservient to an unaccountable govt which does not want to have to go through a lawful court process before passing judgement and seizing bank accounts, real estate, and whatever else they can put their hands on thus crippling the defendant's ability to wage a defense. When will the courts defend a man's right to shoot a government official who attempts to deprive him of his right to due process under the law? We need a good case for this. Unfortunately, whenever conditions arise where a man is holed up in his home defending against police, he is usually killed and assumed 'mentally unstable.' It is not enough that we are plundered and enslaved, we are supposed to 'remain calm' during the process or be declared a 'danger to ourselves and others.' Of course the freeman is a danger to others -- especially those trying to railroad him -- a man able to defend himself IS a danger to those that aim to take away his power, property, labors, and liberty -- remove the 'danger' and say good-bye to liberty and the Bill of Rights. Another one of those Catch-22's where actually exercising your rights makes you a danger to those that are acting in collusion to take them away.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
     -- Jules      
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