"If you are as happy, my dear sir, on entering this house
as I am in leaving it and returning home,
you are the happiest man in this country."
James Buchanan
(1791-1868) -- also known as "The Sage of Wheatland"; "Buck", 15th US President (1857-61)
to Abraham Lincoln
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Reader comments about this quote:
I guess a statement on the heat of focus given to the office. I don't know how to rate his emotions.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Reminds me of the boat ditty - Mike, just take it as it is, funny, and for many VERY TRUE, as it could mean all those speaking engagements and chairman of boards.
     -- RBESRQ     
    Mike , it sounds like he was pretty happy. No happier than I will be when this current crop in Washington is voted out of office.
     -- jim k, austin     
    Reminds me of what Vincent Foster said of WA DC: "I was not meant for ...public life in Washington. Here, ruining people is considered sport." --Vincent Foster Jr., Deputy White House Counsel and friend to Pres. Clinton, shortly before he committed suicide.
     -- Paul, Gig Harbor, WA     
    Paul, a little more accurate, before suicide was committed upon him. ;-)
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    The Presidency sure does age men in such a short time I have noticed. Regardless of who likes or dislike you the Presidency must feel an awesome responsibility. Cannot imagine why anyone wants to be one.
     -- Judith, Corrales, NM     
    Judith, I think Presidents age 10 years when they take office with all good intentions...and then one day some representatives of the International Bankers take them into a room and show them the film taken "from" the grassy knoll. ;-)
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    You know, Carlton? I expected something like that. It has crossed my mind that they are indoctrinated in a not so pleasant manner. It is strange that all Presidents and their appointees, etc. have a couple of days with the Pope. Kissing rings, and all of that. There are several possibilities of where the secret pressure comes from. One attorney told me that in WA state no attorney runs for judge unless he gets the nod from the Bar. It is same with any higher office. Obama already looks like his hair has quite a bit of grey. "Grassy knoll" indeed.
     -- Judith, Corrales, NM     
    I believe Jefferson said something similar upon leaving the White House.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Religious statement referring to this house (earth) and returning home (heaven). I like it.
     -- charlette, vasques     
    i love this quote
     -- lane, ashippun, wisconsin     
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