"[T]ake the war on drugs. The average American says, “The war on drugs has been beneficial.” The rest of us see reality. This war has destroyed thousands of Americans. It is also a pretext for government agents to rob innocent people in airports and on the highways -- they seize and confiscate large amounts of cash and say to their victims: “Sue us if you don’t like it.” And more and more judges, politicians, intelligence agents, and law-enforcement officers are on the take -- as dependent on the drug-war largess as the drug lords themselves."
Jacob G. Hornberger
(1950- ) American author, journalist, politician, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation
Terrorism—Public and Private, The Tyranny of Gun Control, 76 (Future of Freedom Foundation 1997).
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Reader comments about this quote:

 -- Bruski, Naples FL     
     -- Henry Cole, Erie, Pennsylvania      
     -- George, Rockaway     
    George, how can you disagree with this quote. this is exactly right and well said.
     -- jim k, austin tx     
    George, you are ether a Layman or on the take !
     -- watchman13, USA     
    We are on the verge of making possession of small amounts a misdemeanor in Canada - at the Federal Level. This is going to be done by a Conservative Government; based on the recommendations of the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs. It's interesting to note that when any leniency regarding marijuana laws looms, the largest hew and cry comes from UCCO - Union of Canadian Correctional Officers. Why? Because marijuana laws are a blank cheque, a sure thing to bring more people into their system, virtually guaranteeing continued employment.
     -- L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada     
    Under the pretext of protecting us from ourselves, the drug war has funneled billions into the hands of corrupt officials and politicians -- and has been the excuse for violating the 4th Amendment protections against search and seizure. The drug war is BIG business. But if history be any guide, alcohol prohibition was a failure (and in those days the people knew that the government had no power to prohibit alcohol without a Constitutional amendment), and was repealed in the midst of the last Great Depression -- the States then raised lots of needed funds by taxing alcohol. We are seeing the same thing happening now with Washington and Colorado. And more states will follow -- never has the legalization movement been stronger. Watch Washington and Colorado raise millions upon millions -- few know that marijuana is the largest commodity in those states, even before legalization -- now you will see some productivity, and not just from taxes but from producing itself. More states will follow -- they would be stupid not to.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    It is not our responsibility to take advantage of, but to promote the wellbeing. I am not here to show how to make a tax base !! We derive our tax base, from strangers. wanting our Liberty and Freedom. !! We employ guards to do our service, not them to tell us, what to do !! We are the Sovereigns, freeborn in our countries based upon Christian Fundamentals, principals, of Liberty, freedom and happiness. Color Blind as justice should be, and is, with any common sense !!! Do this with all confidence, never doubt. No regrets !!
     -- watchman13, USA     
    In Latin, Semper Fi, with all confidence, granted by our Creator, the God of Heaven and Earth. Dictator of Liberty and Freedom for all that will claim it for their own !!! Be good to your neighbor, show them how to be on point !!!
     -- watchman13, USA     
    We are not in the business to create police states, but to teach children to police themselves !! This is done, in putting all on guard within their own households !! Moderation, tempered with activity and knowledge applied. Teach them well, they will return to, take care of you, in old age !! Remove property tax, then the children have something to come home too. !! Five stars for effect. Go Canada ! You are our close neighbor, and friend !! Just below !!
     -- watchman13, USA     
    The war on drugs is immoral, anti-natural law, unconstitutional, unjust and falls within the scope of, 'your rights ends at my nose.' At best, drug use is a State's issue where the representative servant only has de jure duty to protect the individual's sovereign rights (no harm to an innocent third party - no foul)
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
     -- Mary-MI      
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