"The worst thing in this world, next to anarchy, is government."
Rev. Henry Ward Beecher
(1813-1887) American abolitionist, clergyman
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Reader comments about this quote:
What a retard. Anarchy is the opposite of government. He is thinking of Nihalism. Government is the worst but really.
 -- Anonymous     
    He did not clarify what he was really thinking. God established government; the best being a Theocracy. After that, a government run by righteous men is good, but once a people vote in unrighteous men, government becomes a burden on the people, and eventually their master.
     -- Gary Frye, Concord, NC     
    he obviously knows nothing about anarchy
     -- jordan, seattle, wa     
    God established government? Explain how that happened Gary?
     -- Religion is foolish, Planet Earth     
    brilliant man!
     -- god, heaven     
    Read your history books and you will learn this statement to be true. Government may start with good intent, but always ends in a power struggle to impose unjust, and oppressive laws on its people. The true road to individual liberities and freedoms is anarchy!
     -- Robert, Ft. Worth, TX     
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