"As the death toll mounts -- as many as 25 million in the former Soviet Union, 65 million in China, 1.7 million in Cambodia, and on and on -- the authors systematically show how and why, wherever the millenarian ideology of Communism was established, it quickly led to crime, terror, and repression. An extraordinary accounting, this book amply documents the unparalleled position and significance of Communism in the hierarchy of violence that is the history of the twentieth century." 
Harvard University Press' review of The Black Book of Communism (1999)
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Reader comments about this quote:
In order to establish communism all of the dissidents, the educated and free thinking people must be removed (killed) lest the seeds of liberty and freedom rise again to put down the regime of the day. This is an almost impossible task without having control of the education system, the media and of course...disarming the public. Socialism is the first step towards this end and sadly, people are generally naive enough to believe that by subscribing to it, they are helping their fellow man. They are not. They are helping to engineer the subjugation of all men "equally". And in the end, Communism is merely Socialism at the end of a gun. 5 stars for an obvious truth.
 -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    An accurate depiction of then and now; welcome to Amerika. Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin, with his growing and active hit list, is but one example of the accuracy of this statement.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    The commies are still dangerous but not nearly as dangerous as the Muslims. If anyone doubts this, get "Marked for Death", by Geert Wilders. This book explains how evil this "religion" really is from a man who has experienced it first hand.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
    Portraying genocide and tyranny as being Communist-specific instead of existing as ORDINARY, across-the-political spectrum, age-old HUMAN BEHAVIOR, is an exercise replete with deceit and false self-congratulations. This Harvard book review's "accuracy" rates right up there with the gridiron accomplishments of their football team. It sucks, and if you're persuaded "capitalism" is superior in its "humanity", I suggest you audit 20th Century history surrounding US. Armed Forces, starting with Smedley Butler's writings. Don't forget Aaron Swartz's misery and sacrifice either.
     -- Mann, Kalamazoo     
    Mann, as usual, you miss the point. He didn't say that genocide and tyranny was specific only to Communism , he was simply stating what happens when a country is taken over and ruled by Communists. We know that others are guilty; Hitler, another left winger comes to mind.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
    Mann...who said capitalism was meant to be humble?
    It's meant to be innovative and aggressive...what are we, a bunch of Monks? And genocide by whatever name is ALWAYS committed by a totalitarian regime. Your point is...pointless.
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    I doubt you will ever get an 'anti-capitalist' to ever acknowledge that communism is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of their own citizens. I will agree however that the USA in its role as the world's policemen would become just as corrupted should the peoples of the world disarm, especially American citizens.

    The power-grabbers never cease, and once the right to defend oneself from the State has been effectively removed, totalitarianism in whatever form will be the order of the day. Remember that the same folks clamoring for the disarming of the people are the same folks that believe there are too many people in the world -- this combination of beliefs sets the perfect stage for genocide. It can't happen here? Don't bet on it.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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