"The sooner we all learn to make a decision
between disapproval and censorship, the better off society will be...
Censorship cannot get at the real evil, and it is an evil in itself."
Granville Hicks
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Reader comments about this quote:
Reasons for censorship fall into categories more numerous and broad than just 'disapproval' (strategic propaganda for one example). As a stand alone sentiment, a great start.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Censorship carried to an extreme conclusion gives us horrors like the war on drugs.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
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    Moral responsibility is the foundation of a faith based government which stands upon and in the anicent doctrines of liberty and freedom. The bible is the rock upon which the republic rest. K J B.
     -- Ron Pittman, Yachats Or     
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    Censors today permit all sorts of sexual and violent content while restricting anything that might shed light on the rackets that can only continue if they remain unknown by the masses.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    Censorship is created not for moral reasons but for the manipulation of the truth.
     -- Robert, Somewhere in the US     
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