"When you control opinion, as corporate America controls opinion in the United States by owning the media, you can make the [many] believe almost anything you want, and you can guide them."
Gore Vidal
(1925-2012) American novelist, essayist, playwright, and provocateur
from The Golden Age
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Reader comments about this quote:
Freedom to inquire, reveals that which controls the present thoughts of history past. Hidden knowledge and mysteries of conscience are soon censored by current orthodoxy, this, by way of American corporate and private interest globally. Oppression of heavenly Liberty will always result in a Q leap of understanding for the masses sake. 
 -- Ronw13, OR     
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    A body politic of individual sovereigns united has been replace by a foreign government's general cooperation and its subsidiaries (Local, regional, State, Federal executive, legislative, judicial, etc.). Exclusivity of  such corporations are antithetical to inalienable rights and liberty. Controlled opinion believes such to be normal and right.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    The incestuous relationship between the Democratic Party, the dominant media corporations and the intelligence community has resulted in a propaganda machine to control the minds of the world.  Such utopian dreams have enslaved most of the world's populations under the thumb of their rulers.  The narrative is reality, control the narrative.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    The United States of America needs publicly controlled goods and services and the media services would guide an opinion in the best interest of all. It would be an arrangement moving away from vice and ruled instead by true words and ideas.
     -- Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown     
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